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Found 3 results

  1. Hi players, I've just published my last game based on the Four Color Theorem. It's built in HTML5 with Phaser 3.19.0 ( and available on Kongregate. Link: If you don't know the four color theorem, here is a short abstract from Wikipedia ( In simple terms, the goal is to color the entire map so that two adjacent regions do not have the same color. Regions are called adjacent (next to each other) if they share a segment of the border, not just a point. The game is a good way to discover or experiment with that theorem. Have fun! Pascal
  2. I'm not sure whether or not this is intended, but when viewing a concave mesh with hasVertexAlpha enabled, faces with normals that face the camera become visible through the rest of the mesh, resulting in a sort of 'x-ray' effect. (The depth buffer is being handled incorrectly?) Backface culling has no real effect on this, as far as I can tell. No alpha (control) [] X-Ray effect with partially-transparent voxels [] X-Ray effect with empty voxels [] Close up of X-ray effect with empty voxels []
  3. Hi, i'm new in game development, so I decide start with some really simple - painting. I'm not sure if my througts are right, so I'll explain it little bit and pls give me feedback. I think painting is simple, so it should works like this: 1) User select color 2) User pick finger/mouse on board 3) In every rate (frame cycle) application add point to canvas and some kind of array(?) Let's move it on hight lvl - add restriction and check if user paint just in canvas 1) User select color 2) User pick finger/mouse on board 3) In every rate (frame cycle) application will check, if current position of finger(mouse) is in canvas 3a) if not show alert and change color of current stroke to red 3b) otherwise add point to canvas and some kind of array - I'll like to move from simple painting to coloring book - are my steps in right direction? Thank you and happy coding!