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Found 3 results

  1. angood


    I got a game I coded for webpages but I am the only one that plays it
  2. Hey! I want to create a game thats can run on as many platforms natively. So being a front-end developer i turned to webGL. But i have a few questions: 1 ) Is possible to create big complex and demanding games like: Unturned Risk of Rain Hotline miami Minecraft Terraria Nidhogg Battle block theater Both Graphical as Technical. 2 ) If you use a html wrapper to create a .exe, .apk etc. is the source code protected? Also can you compile to consoles? 3 ) I have read that you can code in c++ and compile it to javascript is that functional? Also is it possbile to write in an high-level strong language and compile that to javascript (i do not like weakly typed languages, and C++ is to low-level for me) 4 ) How does it come that i can not find any big games made in webGL (only tech demo's, fancy websites and games on this forum) 5 ) When i looked around this forum i dident saw any three.js based games. Why is that? i looked at the tech demo's of many engines and three.js looked the most promising. Or is there something i missed? 6 ) Is webGL for my project a smart choice? At the end i dont want my game to be playeble on the web. Only for stand alone on pc, linux, mac. (mobile and console if the project succeeds) 7 ) What is the best engine to use for a 2d/2.5d with some nice light effects? 8 ) Does the steam SDK for achievements, joining friends, steam controller etc. work well with webGL? Thanks for reading, it would mean a great deal to me if you know a answer to one of my questions!
  3. Hello, I haven't yet seen a post such as what I'm currently writing, but I thought it wise to post how this forum is beginning to bring users together on real world projects. I recently took on a project which as briefly described to me seemed simple enough. Although it was a very short schedule to deliver. One week prior, a key developer @Pryme8 who is often seen on this forum offered to show me how I might optimize code I had posted previously, and I thought to reach out to him directly. Within the first week, I learned that the scope of the project was far in advance of the initial description. Thus, I instictively knew that I would not be able to deliver the project on time, and also lacked some of the fundamental experience required to complete the project on schedule. So I reached out to @Pryme8, and asked if he had time to assist. He was on another project at the time, but was free for one week before my delivery to assist with my project. I'm happy to say that the delivery is now happening this week, and not only was he able to assist, but I learned much from working directly with him. Not to mention, his code is as close to perfection as I've ever seen - but that's perhaps for another post. So what I hope to come from this post, is that we are always stronger working together, as is the world of open source, and if you ever have the opportunity to work with @Pryme8 (I'll with hold his real name for now)I highly recommend you jump at the chance. I could not have delivered my project without this forum, the help from all users, and speificaly the vast experience from the one user I was lucky enough to have contacted me prior. This forum rocks! DB