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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new tophaser. I am trying to draw small circle using bitmapData. when the function lunchFrom and loop calling without time event function it's fine working but when I am tryting call the function using this.game.time.event then nothing to draw on canvas. please help me. Thanks is advance . Please find below the code which I am using. this.game = new Phaser.Game(1152, 648, Phaser.AUTO, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update }); let particles = [];
  2. Hello, I haven't yet seen a post such as what I'm currently writing, but I thought it wise to post how this forum is beginning to bring users together on real world projects. I recently took on a project which as briefly described to me seemed simple enough. Although it was a very short schedule to deliver. One week prior, a key developer @Pryme8 who is often seen on this forum offered to show me how I might optimize code I had posted previously, and I thought to reach out to him directly. Within the first week, I learned that the scope of the project was far in advance of the initia
  3. INTRODUCING WUKONG! In order to increase productivity and give you more resources at your fingertips I am proud to present WUKONG! This plugin will extend your babylon.js playground and add useful features for creation of babylon.js common objects and methods. This is the first release so it is limited on what I have as far as objects available, but that list will be growing very rapidly as I make my way through the API. You have the option to include code hints for the inserted items Parameters, Members, and Methods. Many more Macros and Objects will be added soon. to include in yo
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