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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to export a model which is about 400,000 Polys. I know the maximum export is somewhere around 60, 000 for any one mesh. I am thinking about breaking and exporting the mesh in different parts. Will this lead to issues in the scene? Also, what is the best polygon count for a babylon scene for efficiency in web and mobile? Finaly, what is the maximum polygon count for a babylon scene before it crashes? Thank you in advance!
  2. I'm obviously missing the obvious here. But how do you count the number of emitted particles at any given time? Imagine a particle emitter that sits in the top of the game canvas, and dropping particles that falls to the bottom. At the bottom there is some "dude" catching the particles and gets a point for each catched particle. There scoreboard may read something like "Points: 4 of 7" and a little while later it may read "Points: 8 of 13". How do you get the 7 and the 13?
  3. Jambutters

    Counting pixels?

    Yello, newbie here. My short story: I've been (re)watching tutorial series on web development and programming for.... about 4 years...I end up quitting due to distraction/preoccupation with other games, then find myself grinding tutorials when I have the urge to re learn(which is once a month or so). Now, since I'm out of school and no longer addicted to any particular games, I've been getting some hands on experience for the past couple days(FINALLY). I still struggle with wondering what to write but that's not the point. -End of story- Something I've always struggled with is counting/drawing/placing/calculating pixels in sprites/images whether it would be trying to design/positioning a webpage using css or drawing/calculating x&y of movement and sprite drawing. What do I mean by counting/drawing/placing/calculating pixels? Pixels are really/extremely small.. I don't understand how developers can estimate/count/place them. Saying things like "hmmm, 30 pixels down and 100px right should be right about here(pointing with their cursors)", knowing a relatively close position of where their image is going to be placed. How is this possible? I really really can't imagine counting 30 pixels across and 100 down... I'd probably end up being off by a lot... (From a tutorial video) Another example is moving a sprite 5 pixels right when a player press the right arrow key.(I know how the function works) but..... what does 5px left, look like? How do developers know what 5px left looks like? Again, I can't imagine counting 5px to the left... I don't think I could keep track of counting 5 pixes (microdots) to the left... Anyways, you get the point. I'm not asking for a specific answer of " Well, 5px left or 100px down is about (x) inches" . I'm asking, How do I count pixels? Sorry if this is somewhat confusing.