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Found 7 results

  1. Hi ! I've started "normal" web developpement two months ago, and it was painful. I'm coming from C# developpemement and Javascript is chinese to me. So, I look to Typescript and Dart (and Coffescript, but I think it's worse). I want to use Pixi.js or EaselJs But as far as I can see, it's not so easy to import Javascript librairies in Dart. Is someone tried these language and can tell me how it worked ?
  2. Hi, This is my first post on this forum, please correct me if I made any mistake. I have developed a Dart port of Phaser. I know that there is a official TypeScript definition for Phaser, but still no port for Dart-lang. Currently, almost all features are implemented (except P2 and ninja physics). And some examples selected from official website were also included to test my Dart port of Phaser. I tried my best to keep the consistent API to minimal effort of transferring JS code to Dart (you can see that in examples). I would love to see anyone trying my play_phaser game engine, and please give me your feedback.
  3. I am starting a Phaser Dart team. If you like Phaser and Dart this is the team for you! and I tried doing art, sound and code all myself but having a team would help greatly! I can put the games on the App, Play store and gamejolt so we can make money. PM me your skype or post below if interested.
  4. Hi guys, Some of you may find this interesting. The Flash API provides 3D transformations for 2D display objects since Flash Player 10. As far as i know none of the popular 2D engines for HTML5 do implement the same feature. A few weeks ago the Starling Framework (a library for Stage3D in Flash) introduced a concept called Sprite3D which gives you mostly the same 3D transformation features. So all the kudos goes to the author of the Starling framework! Over the last two years i was working on my own HTML5 2D render engine for Dart (a programming language from Google). This library is called StageXL and it is a 2D engine from the ground up (like PixiJS and the like) supporting Canvas and WebGL. Luckily, even iOS8 supports WebGL nowadays and it's time to add some cool features which are only supported with the WebGL renderer. So long story short, here is a 2D display objects with a 3D transformation applied to it ... Okay the sample may not be very useful, but you get the idea: [uPDATE]The previous demo was replaced with a demo originally developed by the guys from the Starling framework which i ported to StageXL. The new demo is much nicer then the previous one.[/uPDATE] This is the code that makes the grass and the flowers rotate in 3D space: var transition = new Transition(0.0, 1000.0, 600.0); transition.delay = 2.0;transition.onUpdate = (value) { sprite3D.rotationY = 0.8 * sin(value * 0.4); sprite3D.rotationX = 0.8 * sin(value * 0.6); sprite3D.offsetZ = 400 * (0.1 + sin(value));};juggler.add(transition);So if you are using another library or you are the author of one of those libraries, it's not hard to add 3D transformations to existing 2D render engines and it's a very nice feature. Best Greetings, Bernhard PS: You are also welcome to check out some of the other samples and take a look at the Dart programming language in general. Most of you are probably JavaScript wizards but for some of us an alternative language like Dart is really great and brings a lot of fun.
  5. DartRocket is an open source 2D HTML5 Game Framework, which i made with Dart and it's built on top of StageXL. You can find it on github or pub(Dart package manager). You can also find the documentation on pub, because the documentations are automatically generated for the packages. My goal with this framework is to make the same kind of game framework like Phaser, but using Dart. DartRocket is in alpha(0.1.2), but i already have two examples to show how it works. StateMachine and SpaceInvader. Features: State and StateManager: This was the first thing I made, because i just love to use states and it breaks up the game smaller manageable parts.GameObjects(Sprite,Button,Background)SoundStageXL classes(ResourceManager,Juggler for animation,EventListeners etc..)I started this framework for 4 basic reasons: I couldn't program in Javascript how i wanted and i was never satisfied with my code structure even though i used Require.js . I fell in love with Dart. It's bad practice to fall in love with a language, but it's just too awesome. There was no HTML5 game framework for Dart The challenge that I can create something newI do not recommend using it now because it's in alpha and will have a lot of breaking changes, unless you are a brave developer, who knows or want to know Dart and StageXL. All in all this is what i'm working on now a days.
  6. Hi! I'd like to announce the new v0.2.0 of Pixi Dart (a port of the pixi.js rendering engine to Dart): Changelog: Upgrade to Pixi v.1.6.1New Spine runtime: examples: Spine Boy: Guy:, it's time to port Phaser to Dart! Regards, Federico Omoto
  7. Hi! I'd like to announce Pixi Dart, a port of the pixi.js rendering engine to Dart: Pub: GitHub: It's an almost complete v1.5.3 port (only Spine is missing), so I thought it is time to share and see what you guys think. I've set up a few demos at: Regards, Federico Omoto