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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Context I'm building a 2D game from scratch in JS. I'm drawing the map by using rpgmxp tilesets for the moment just to have some resources : Each tile is 32*32 pixels. I'm using canvas API with ctx.drawImage method to display it : ctx.drawImage(tile.tilesetImg, tile.sX, tile.sY, this.tile.w, this.tile.h, canvasX, canvasY, Engine.Camera.tile.w, Engine.Camera.tile.h); I use different parameters for the image source size (this.tile.w & this.tile.h) and the image destination size (Engine.Camera.tile.w, Engine.Camera.tile.h). This has the effect of scaling the
  2. Hey everyone, So I'm testing a game on IE 11 in Canvas mode and I get the following error about every other time I refresh the page: SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError File: phaser.min.js, Line: 12, Column: 1746 The phaser code at the problem location is: this.context.drawImage(a.texture.baseTexture.source,a.texture.frame.x,a.texture.frame.y,a.texture.frame.width,a.texture.frame.height,a.anchor.x*-a.texture.frame.width,a.anchor.y*-a.texture.frame.height,a.texture.frame.width,a.texture.frame.height) Sometimes I can load up the game fine, but if I refresh I get this error. Any ideas?
  3. I am making a game with skins in it. When ever player changes a skin Images gets loaded again. I use this code. preload: function () { this.load.image('arm', 'asset/Theme'+this.theme+'/arm.png'); this.load.image('leg', 'asset/Theme'+this.theme+'/leg.png'); this.load.image('head', 'asset/Theme'+this.theme+'/head.png'); this.load.image('torso', 'asset/Theme'+this.theme+'/torso.png'); } gameFunction:function() { if(this.themeChanged) { this.theme = this.newTheme; game.lockRender = true; g
  4. Hi, new to the forums I've got an issue drawing images on the canvas on Firefox and IE. I created an array of Sprites (Floor Tiles), iterated through them and placed them right next to each other. When I translate the canvas (platformer style), everything draws perfectly EXCEPT on Firefox and IE. Both browsers seem to draw each sprite with a 1 pixel gap between them, but only when I'm calling ctx.translate(). The other browsers draw my floor tiles appropriately. Wondering if anybody ran into a similar issue. I'm running the latest version of each browser, and rounding sprite position
  5. I am passing tileScript in drawImage function on CanvasRenderingContext2D, gameplay - endless runner game like runfield, i am generating the track via tileScript and autoscrolling, i am passing tileScript object into the drawImage function to get sin-cos wave like effect (get the effect of up / down hill curves). but not getting the desired result.. http://www.creativeaddiction.co.uk/_site/view_full.html?d=display&f=bitmapdata+wobble.js&t=bitmapdata%20wobble any better way to do it ?
  6. Hello, I recently started work on a game whose code can be found here - https://github.com/prtksxna/jump and it can be played here - http://prtksxna.github.com/jump/ (Only works on Chrome for now). Please give it some time to load the images. Spacebar to pause the game. I was initially drawing rectangles using fillRect instead of using drawImage to make the arrows. This has lead to major performance hit. I was initially getting 200-250 FPS, and now I am getting around 100-150 FPS and it sometimes randomly drops to 50 too I initialize a new image for every instance of the arrows here -
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