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Found 14 results

  1. Hey blokes, Any tips on running Babylon smoothly in fullscreen (desktop)? The scene I'm working on isn't too heavy ~30K vertices. The framerate is generally acceptable (45-60). Yet as soon as the window is resized to fullscreen the scene crashes! The crash happens on retina displays only (I've set engine.setHardwareScalingLevel(1);). On non-retina, there's no crash but performance drops dramatically.
  2. This morning I finally got Zoom online at Jounce.space . Simple, approachable for beginners, while still challenging experts. Steer with mouse, up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to slow down. It is mostly finished, but score-keeping is turned off for now. How far can you go? Fly as fast as you can! Win by flying far. Any direction. Your distance is your score. What do you think? Joe
  3. Hello guys, I am officialy stuck in desperation I have upgraded from Pixi2 to Pixi4 (4-7-3) and RenderTexture causes crashes on Android Chrome (no problem on desktop). I have 2D RPG game with tilebased background map, tiles are rendered to RenderTexture which is then added to the stage - this worked perfectly with Pixi2 (and Pixi3 too) but stopped to work after upgrade to Pixi4. It crashes WebGL after several seconds of walking around. I have tried hour and hours of experiments to figure out what exactly is the cause, but no success. It worked with PIXI2 and PIXI3
  4. I have a lot of instances in my scene, and some of those instances have other instances as parents (not sure if this matters). So, whenever I dispose of one of those instanced meshes, my scene crashes.
  5. I am creating new AnimatedSprites on pointerdown event (and deleting them on next pointerdown event) over the course if application lifetime. At some point around 20 clicks, the app crashes with an error: Rats! webGl crashed. At that point no error is displayed in console. Crash happens on a mobile device, and would probably also happen on desktop, if someone perform plenty of clicks. Code that is repeatedly used is below. I also include live example at http://forwardingsolutions.club/. Can someone please point out what am I doing wrong? From other answers I deduced t
  6. Hi my app is crashing on initial load (not always), looks like that happens when scene start to load, after error site is reloaded and works further ok. I am trying to get more debug info , but right now I have only this message GL Support: can **NOT** render to 1 texture. Have anyone had similar issues? Works great on desktop.
  7. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getProgram' of undefined at n.enableEffect (babylon.js:5) at r.t._preBind (babylon.js:17) at r.render (babylon.js:14) at t.render (babylon.js:15) at t.renderUnsorted (babylon.js:11) at t.render (babylon.js:11) at t.render (babylon.js:11) at i.renderToTarget (babylon.js:16) at i.render (babylon.js:16) at r._renderForCamera (babylon.js:13) This used to work. Tried with Chrome and FF, basically same thing. Scene loads, you get a glimpse of the character and then the magic stops.
  8. Hey everyone, So I'm testing a game on IE 11 in Canvas mode and I get the following error about every other time I refresh the page: SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError File: phaser.min.js, Line: 12, Column: 1746 The phaser code at the problem location is: this.context.drawImage(a.texture.baseTexture.source,a.texture.frame.x,a.texture.frame.y,a.texture.frame.width,a.texture.frame.height,a.anchor.x*-a.texture.frame.width,a.anchor.y*-a.texture.frame.height,a.texture.frame.width,a.texture.frame.height) Sometimes I can load up the game fine, but if I refresh I get this error. Any ideas?
  9. Hello, I have simple exteneded object from sprite. Its simple smoke effect with tween alpha for some effects, after tween ends, call this.destroy(), for destroy and remove this sprite from game. But somethink vierd happends. I call this every tick, but memory increase more and more, and after few minutes browser crash. When I dont use this object, game run OK and memory not increase. I think there must be somethink, and this think not allow GC clear this instance. But I try clear object as example, only create sprite nothink else, and on the end put this.destroy(), same m
  10. Hello. As I mentioned in title, setting text bounds causes game getting crashes. var bar = game.add.graphics(); bar.beginFill(0x000000, 0.2); bar.drawRect(FirstCave.position.x, 100, FirstCave.width, 230); var style = { font: "bold 25px Arial", fill: "#fff", boundsAlignH: "center", boundsAlignV: "middle" }; CaveName = game.add.text(FirstCave.position.x, 100, "Kopalnia Złota", style); //CaveName.setTextBounds(0, 100, 100, 100); Code is from THAT example. Did I made mistake somewhere?
  11. Hey everyone, I'm encountering a problem with the blender exporter. It's crashing 100% of the time while exporting (although almost always finishes exporting the whole scene with its materials). I'm using the latest 4.4.1 blender exporter and 2.76b blender on a mac. I'm attaching my export log if it's any help. Is there a way to get the blender log, if it would be more helpful? Really looking forward to the help as this problem has been driving me crazy (always having to reopen the blender file when I want to continue working after the export). Exporter version: 4.4.1,
  12. Hello guys Im from Switzerland and i made my own Android Game and published it on Play Store. Its a Space game. You need to avoid the meteors and stay alive It is a little bit difficult for new players but in the next Update it will get a little bit easier.. Here is the link to the PlayStore page. I would really appreciate it when you give it a try and maybe rate the Game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JackJackGames.AlienCrash
  13. Hi I have this code that works on desktop browser but is crashing the mobile browsers create:function(){ this.game.input.addPointer(); this.playBtn = this.game.add.sprite(this.game.world.centerX,400,'playBtn'); this.playBtn.anchor.setTo(0.5,0.5); this.playBtn.inputEnabled = true; this.playBtn.events.onInputDown.add(this.gotoGame,this); },gotoGame:function(gotoGame,pointer){ console.log('go to game'); this.game.state.start('game');}please point my mistakes. Thanks in advance.
  14. The title say it all: The last pixi.js from github crashing in new PIXI.stage under Dolphin Browser in Android. I do included pixi.js and var PIXI is [object]. Bug bug bug.... to fix (no debugging tools in Android -> no fun)
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