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Found 2 results

  1. http://www.babylonjs.com/Demos/INSTANCES/ ok here is demo for instances. How Is design one three(base tree component). Is three one mesh(object) or is it made with more meshes(objects) ? If base tree component is made with more objects. For example(two objects) with trunk and treetop. If we design tree(base tree component) in blender. Then if I add multi trees with "Duplicate linked" to another layer. Everythink is ok. CAN WE ADD THIRD OBJECT (for example snow) on base tree component so that, all "Duplicate linked" objects will reflect change. So that all "duplicate linked" object will reflect snow? (Blender or 3D Max). How can we achive that. (WITH NO CODING IN BLENDER) (JUST DESIGN IN BLENDER OR 3D MAX). (I know that if we add object snow on base tree component, and than code in babylon instances that snow will reflect on all instances. BUT HOW WE DO THIS IN BLENDER OR 3D MAX? CAN WE ADD OBJECTS TO THE BASE INSTANCE OBJECT SO THAT ALL DUPLICATE LINKED OBJECTS WILL REFLECT NEW ADDED OBJECT? @Deltakosh greetings, ian
  2. Hello, If I export a scene containing nested instances of the same mesh/object (a tree of objects linked by a parent/child relashionship), and that I load the scene in BabylonJS, mesh positions are altered. Cases that works: - If I make every objects "single user", then it works fine. - If objects are duplicated but not nested, it works too. In the attachment, a Blender test scene with several layers : - the first is a tree made of duplicated copies (data is not shared between instances). - the second is a tree made of duplicated linked instances (same data shared by several object). - the third one is just a linked duplicate of the same object. The tested version of BabylonJS is 2.2. testBabylonExportParenting.zip
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