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Found 2 results

  1. Good day! Hi sir! i know its a bit weird messaging you directly but i really seeking for some help about the game that i create i am new to this kind of thing so i really need your help. The problem is my game didnt run when i add a sequence like boot>preload>game>end, but before it is running completely fine but only does is the game like when you run it it directs to the game so i thought off adding those states. I know it is not that kind of serious like the others but i really need your help Thank you! ps : my grammar and english is not that good bec im from ph hehe.. index.html phaser.min.js boot.js game.js load.js menu.js play.js win.js
  2. You may take advantage of graphic hardware supported textures on ANY chip architecture! Most of my effort went into adding formal documentation, so I will not repeat my self here. The page has not shown up yet. Will update with link when it does. Upshot is in order to take advantage of compressed textures, you have to know which compressed texture format(s) your gpu supports. If you pick one, all other hardware will not run your scene. Along the way of putting this in, a fall back was added for .DDS files with Direct X, dxt, textures, when not running on Windows browsers. This is much better than that though. For testing purposes, I made a version of the Mansion demo, where based on your hardware, a different compressed format is used. There is also a separate page where this was not enabled. I did not see any performance difference between these two on my hardware. Though the scene uses 105 textures, almost all are much smaller than 2k. Do to textures being multi-dimensional, space requirements explode as textures get bigger (up to 4k). A scene with a bunch of bigger textures would probably show much more of a difference. Enjoy. EDIT: Here is the url as viewed from Github (hope formatting will be same on BJS doc site) https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation/blob/master/content/tutorials/02_Mid_Level/Multi-Platform_Compressed_Textures.md
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