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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Yes a NOOB! Never used Phaser before and wondering how large the files are. I am hoping to remake basic retro games using only four colours. Simple sprites and tile based most likely. Does the system use page flipping, or the equivalent, to draw off screen and then place on screen? The code to change background colour will be awesome if the answer is no in any event. The games will be developed for an educational Not For Profit organisation and web hosted. My role is that of an interested volunteer. Ultimate goal is to provide a zero to low cost service to remote areas that do not have access to normal support systems. Can scores be saved to web server databases to keep user name, current settings, levels, scores and also for review by others? Presume so but did not see it on first glance through. Otherwise what I have read about Phaser sounds bloody brilliant and cross platform given HTML5 support. My coding skills are limited (Delphi 5 "spaghetti code" many years ago) but the examples here and tutorials should make the learning curve easier than I expected. Yippee! Thanks in advance. Julz57
  2. Hey guys, i'm started my first own blender project for bjs. Now i got the Problem that the .babylon file is 217MB Can someone give me some tipps hoe i can reduce it to like 1%? Here u can get the blender file blender Thank you