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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone! Before anything I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this, please moderators move it as you consider if this should go to some other place like Projects and Demos. https://github.com/damian-pastorini/dwdgame Also, please consider that this is my first implementation ever! I've never used neither Node.js, even less Parcel, Colyseus or Phaser, my world before this first incursion in game development was all about PHP and Magento, so that should give you an idea from where I'm coming. This quite awful but working example took me 75hs, including the time I've used for research and for decide which platform use for the server and the client. After all the research, Node + Colyseus and Phaser 3 looked as the better start point since I was familiar with JS and HTML of course but had zero knowledge about Unity (the other option I would like to use), but I've prefered make the learn curve not so slow. So.... This is a really simple base MMORPG game created based on the Colyseus samples: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus-examples And on the Phaser 3 implementation from Jacky Rusly: https://github.com/jackyrusly/jrgame As you will see I've considerable modified how the jrgame was interacting with Socket.io in order to make it works as how the Colyseus example was working, I've thought that was the better way to do it (follow up on server ready samples and break apart the client sorry Jacky!) The game basics are login through DB, loader, scene change, players sync, but nothing like chat, items, or attacks was implemented here (so far). Here's the link to the repo: https://github.com/damian-pastorini/dwdgame Please feel free to create any tickets or pull requests for questions, fixes or improvements, I would love to get good feedback! I don't have a public link to show it yet but I'm planning to create a dev server soon (for now you will need to install it and run it to see it), at the end it will look like: https://jrgame.herokuapp.com But you will see the login screen first which in the server side will connect to the DB and all the players sync was done with Colyseus. I saw comments from people looking for Colyseus integrated with a DB engine (in this case I've chosen MySQL), so at least that part should be useful. I really hope this help more than one person, maybe someone like me who would love to get this as starting point. Best, Damian Reply
  2. I'm currently working on a project that has both a live and development version, utilizing offline storage and .manifest files for all of my Scene objects. Everything works as expected until I run the old project after having just run the new one in Chrome, specifically. The latest versions of the .scene files are always loaded from the cache, despite the older version number in their .manifest files. I did some digging, and found this: Database.prototype._loadVersionFromDBAsync = function (url, callback, updateInDBCallback) { ... transaction.oncomplete = function (event) { if (version) { // If the version in the JSON file is > than the version in DB if (_this.manifestVersionFound > version.data) { _this.mustUpdateRessources = true; Notice that the version number comparison operator is >, not !=. Shouldn't the comparison be != to cover any changes to the .manifest file version, regardless of its age? I've changed this on my end, and all is well now.
  3. I've read a few articles on how phaser games can be deployed onto steam however I can't find anything related to how to store the data in this case. Essentially what i would want to do would be to create a game that runs on windows and save data locally instead of relying on the internet to handle save progress. Could anyone provide details on what options are available? Is it possible to still use local storage if the game is an exe file?
  4. Hi, Yes a NOOB! Never used Phaser before and wondering how large the files are. I am hoping to remake basic retro games using only four colours. Simple sprites and tile based most likely. Does the system use page flipping, or the equivalent, to draw off screen and then place on screen? The code to change background colour will be awesome if the answer is no in any event. The games will be developed for an educational Not For Profit organisation and web hosted. My role is that of an interested volunteer. Ultimate goal is to provide a zero to low cost service to remote areas that do not have access to normal support systems. Can scores be saved to web server databases to keep user name, current settings, levels, scores and also for review by others? Presume so but did not see it on first glance through. Otherwise what I have read about Phaser sounds bloody brilliant and cross platform given HTML5 support. My coding skills are limited (Delphi 5 "spaghetti code" many years ago) but the examples here and tutorials should make the learning curve easier than I expected. Yippee! Thanks in advance. Julz57
  5. Hello all, we launched a 3D model search engine, which finds 3D models on the Internet with simple keyword search. The models can be previewed right on your browser without any plugins! (Chrome and Firefox recommended). Here's the link: http://www.yobi3d.com Also check out our interview on The Verge http://www.theverge.com/2014/8/8/5982355/yobi3d-is-a-search-engine-for-3d-models
  6. Hello. I am playing a bit with mysql and js, html and I am making a small browser strategy multiplayer game like travian for example. I have some doubts though. In this game players should be able to attack from X to X time. When they attack I change a state in the db for that player so it cannot attack until that state returns to the normal state. However that database update is not fast enough for if the player clicks too fast he attacks more than once before the query is over. How can I forbide players' actions then?
  7. Hi everyone. I'm trying to learn something about how to load database information in my phaser games. Currently, I want to load some questions for a quizz game from a SQL database. I've searched online and I found a method that works but I don't know if it's the best option. Making a XMLHttpRequest I can load a PHP file in which I load the db info and then parse it into a JSON. As I said, it works, but then I don't know how to send the results back to the game, since is an asynchronous proccess. Let me explain myself with the code: Quizz.Game.prototype = { create: function(){ this.getQuestion(); }, getQuestion: function(){ var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.open('POST', 'getQuestion.php', true); request.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8'); request.onload = function(){ if(request.status >= 200 && request.status < 400){ //Correct var result = JSON.parse(request.responseText); this.sendQuestion(result); } else{ //Error } } request.send(); }, sendQuestion: function(){ //The next code } }; In this example I tried to load the question and then print it on screen or something, but I get the error 'this.sendQuestion()' is not a function, seems like the context is no longer 'this'... I guess my question is if you have some procedure you usually use for do this, or if there's a better way of doing it. Thank you for sharing! Gonzalo.
  8. I'm newbie at phaser and I need to connect database to my game. My game menu is created with format html and php, and my game is created with phaser. I need to passing an id which user choose from menu to game with this code : <a class = "btn_song" href = "GamePlay.php?id=<?=$row['id']?>"> And in my game, I've written php code like this : <?PHP $id = $_GET['id']; $query = "select * from song where no = ".$id; ?> but it's wrong. I think it's because phaser didn't support php. I've read that I should use JSON or AJAX, but I still can solve it. How to solve this?
  9. The link http://www.askforgametask.com/mobile/games/cover/ Description What Is The Most Terrible Cover is an HTML5 one-button puzzle/skill game where your goal is to go through 10 rounds guessing which of two book covers is more terrible regarding the upvotes (karma) from the TerribleCover subreddit. For each correct choice you are scoring a number of points proportionally to the remaining time for playing that round. Be aware that each wrong choice will be scored with negative penalty points! This game is mobile friendly so you can play it either on your desktop or mobile browser. Screenshots Source code The game is made in HTML5 using Phaser framework. If you are interested how it is done you can read these tutorials and find there free source code of the prototypes: Part 1: How to create an HTML5 Reddit's Image Scraper using Phaser Part 2: How to create an HTML5 game in Phaser using image data scraped from Reddit JSON
  10. I am developing a game and would like to connect it to database on a server in order to make a leaderboard . Its a memory excercise game and would contain some mini games. My aim is to let a user add other users to his friend list and receive notifications of his various activities of those friends like completing a level of one of the mini games, beating the high score of the user in one of the mini games. All in all I would like to how can I achieve php and mysql functionality in phaser.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking for an experienced construct 2 developer to design a serious game for intelligence analysts. The game is pretty complex and needs also some kind of mind mapping so I don't know if Construct 2 is the best choice, but I would like to have some insights from the construct 2 community. We need a developer that can work in team with us. The mind mapping tool is called inference scheme and is part of a serious game to be implemented for intelligence analysts . Briefly what they have to do is to connect informations with a sort of Arrow to indicate reliable information. By creating this mapping they will end up to a conclusion that will then be presented at the end of the game. The html5 application will retrieve data from a database. The game will aslo have media elements that will be displayed and that based on the user actions will fire new events. Waiting for some feedbacks Louis
  12. I say hello to all game developers! I am beginner at game development, so I would like to ask some questions at first. I've got to create multiplayer game for at least 50 players. It will be a game like a travian, goodgame empire, ... etc. so the database server storage is needed Everything in game will be controlled by mouse-clicking on objects, except moving on world map and entering some text in input fields... I've chosen Phaser for developing game on client-side. I would like to avoid future problems so: What database should I use for storing the game datas? Is real-time networking necessary in this case? Which compoments (except Phaser) will I need? (socket.io? nodeJS? ...)Thank you for all your tips!
  13. hi everyone i need some help with a game in phaser, this is my first time using this framework and i want to know if is possible make a sign in inside a phaser enviroment for example create a form and send a json to an API, another doubt is if i can call service rest to load a json data from the server and show data in the game load from database, is it possible? what can i do to do this thanks for your help
  14. I am making a relatively simple game using Phaser.Tilemap... I need to save the tilemap data to a sql database. Any idea how to go about that? I am aware of localstorage, but I need a permanent data save that can be share across sessions and users... Also, when I try to use: myTileMapName.dump();also,I get hundreds of '.' characters printed to the console... nothing else... I am confused. Any help very appreciated.
  15. Hi all, I'm pretty new to the gaming industry and am in need of a solution and I’m wondering if you could guide me through, please? I want to launch a website where people can play games on on both desktop browser and mobile browser. Since I would like to launch more games in the future and “lock” some out, I need some kind of parent-child relation in the application so that only the “unlocked” game can be played. Basically when the user accesses the website I need the parent “app" to go check in the database which game (1 game) can be played (locked/unlocked by me) and then load the game in dynamically. Other features I need are - JSON calls (or any type of calls) to GET/PUT in the database (to show data coming from DB) - Facebook integrations (FB login, FB share, …) - Game engine (such as gravity, events, … ) - UI layer where my player data will come from DB (if available) or can I solve this with "plain" HTML/CSS and PHP calls in the app? - Dynamic asset/sprite loading - possibility to design responsive (desktop/tablet/smartphone, …) I've been browsing around (a lot) and cannot seem to find a decent fit. Any suggestions would be heavily appreciated. Thank you in advance, Sem
  16. I can't find a good answer to this question. I want to create an HTML5 game with phaser framework and convert it into Android/iOS app (webview). The game suppose to work a lot with database (update, select) Do any one can suggest me the right way to work to be able after that to convert it with minimal time wasting? Thanks
  17. Hello everyone, I had an idea for a tool to create game data, like sprites or tiles. I'm going to attempt it in HTML5 and shoot for mobile devices. But I anted to get your thoughts on storage of this data? Since I would be dealing with potentially lots of small images as well as table like data... I suppose the game data can easily be stored as text via json, but should I even consider storing the images a base64 data, instead of binary? Then ultimately, what about storage locally on the device, like combining all the data into something like a a game save file (for transport later)? I know that indexedDB is not supported on IOS/Safari (so says caniuse.com) ... The one thought I did have was maybe wrapping this idea within PhoneGap and using a wrapper for Sqlite... Let me know your thoughts, Thanks, Dower
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