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Found 3 results

  1. Looks like animations stop updating when they go outside the frustum... this is quite annoying when trying to render stuff which is close to camera, like avatar's body in first person view. When your hands go outside the view, they never come back I tried attaching invisible meshes in animations but it has it's drawbacks and it feels like i'm fighting (a losing battle) against the system. Any suggestions how to force the animations to keep running even when they go outside the view?
  2. Hi everybody, I am new the babylonjs and I want do draw a frustum, something like that: Can someone help me? King regards
  3. I have a scene that has a virtual patient. I am using a free camera in the scene, and I am having an issue where the right side edge of the scene window is close to the patient, the head and the entire body goes invisible. I attached some images to illustrate, but is this an issue where the camera frustum edge is making geometry invisible? Is there a way to make adjustments to it so that I am not clipping my virtual patient? headOn.png - shows how the patient is normally headOff.png - what happens when the patient is near the edge of the window. He will disappear completely if he is closer. Thanks in advance