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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am struggling to properly align a lens flare with the sun from the skybox texture so I was wondering if anyone would have any tips on doing it properly as in the lens flare demo? -> https://playground.babylonjs.com/#QP32DP#1
  2. I'll be participating in a game jam in a month or so, and was hoping to use Babylon.js. However, I'm finding the workflow... less than optimal. I'd like to able to use models and animations both from online resources and created my 3D artists on the day. The most common format appears to be fbx, which sadly is not supported by Babylon. So additional steps are required to convert to the .babylon format (with the use of yet another program, be it Blender or Unity). This is just too time consuming, arduous and error prone. A specific example: model appears inside-out and no way to switch fac
  3. Hey everyone, I'm one of the developers of Curve Fever which is a multiplayer snake game. Due to a complete redesign and performance/loading issues we plan to remake the game with HTML5 canvas. We've already done a little bit of research but I'm already noticing there are hundreds of options for everything. Reading through each option would first of all take a lot of time and secondly it's always advertised better than it is and it leaves out the downsides. I'm looking for some general advice and some advice on frameworks and tools to use. I have a few concerns and requirements li
  4. Checkout the new U3D - BabylonJS Toolkit: Maya Art Workflow Tools @MrVR This is for you bro
  5. Hi all ! (first post in this forum) I know that the exporter works great with blender render materials, but cycles is so powerfull that i want to use it rather than blender render. I've search but don't find any doc where cycles is the render engine, but i found this line in the babylon what's new : But the documentation is just a list of features compatibility, and the link to TowerOfBabel (which i suppose is a different exporter plugin ?) is dead If i do a simple scene (one camera, on light, one plane with one material, this is what i get : So here are my q
  6. Normally in my animation workflow I use mocap animations, but recently I have been experimenting with IK animation (see images A & B below) Image A shows the model with all the bones (mesh deform and IK bones - 49 in total) and an animation in the Action Editor with just the bones (mainly the IK bones) that are translated/rotated to create a simple walk animation. This I exported with no special settings for the exporter - all the IK bones included. Result here Now the exporter has a special setting I can use - the "Ignore IK Bones" setting. If I use that I get this - not f
  7. Hi guys, I've been struggling recently with overwhelming projects, and instead of actually starting a project, i'll obsess over the finer details. Sort of stuff like, which design patterns I could implement, how I'm going to handle game states, entity management, efficiency, understanding the engine documentation / code-base, etc. I find I become overwhelmed by thinking about all the little things, and never actually start working on any of my game ideas. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and what might be some tips to get over them. "Just start", seems like the appropria
  8. Hello dear folks of ME, as I work with sprite atlases now, I was thinking of one thing that would be helpful. Lets say I have a sprite image + sprite atlas ("sprite_img.png" + "sprite_atlas.xml") with several game items. Within the asset preview I then select a game item ("super-coin") and drag it on the stage. Within the object panel, by default, it always gets renamed after the image name ("sprite_img"). It would be nice if it would be named like the related id name from the sprite atlas ("super-coin"). Cheers, Henryk
  9. https://github.com/luizbills/phaser-project-base (work in progress) FeaturesWhen a javascript file is created inside src/sprite folder it's filled with a template for Phaser Sprites source. The same occurs on src/state folder, but is used a template for Phaser States (see _grunt/handlebars/templates). feel free to contribute
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