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Found 2 results

  1. so I created a spritesheet online and and added to my game. but some sprites are small in size so how do I change the size of sprite: { "filename": "Attack__004", "frame": { "x": 1, "y": 1951, "w": 111, "h": 96 }, "rotated": false, "trimmed": true, "spriteSourceSize": { "x": 9, "y": 5, "w": 111, "h": 96 }, "sourceSize": { "w": 120, "h": 110 }, "pivot": { "x": 0.5, "y": 0.5 } }, I don't know which one is the height and width of image. So do can I resize the image inside the json file or I must manually resize and pack it again? Btw, I used this tool http://free-tex-packer.com/app/ (no PC to use texture packer :-) ) Thanks in advance
  2. During creating a pixelart game, i found that it would be better to use small-size images and scale them up depending on player's screen resolution. But there were smoothed and blurry: (small image - original size, 2 - resized by canvas, 3 - resized in graphicsGale - original size) I tried different methods to use nearest-neighbour algorithm to make images sharp. Finally, i made it with: bufcontext.webkitImageSmoothingEnabled = false; bufcontext.mozImageSmoothingEnabled = false; But it doesn't work in IE and Opera. What kind of method can cover all(5) browsers? Also tried this for canvas, but it doesn't help:#canvas { image-rendering: optimizeSpeed; image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges; image-rendering: -webkit-optimize-contrast; image-rendering: -o-crisp-edges; image-rendering: optimize-contrast; -ms-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor; }
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