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  1. In this game you will use your special costume which allows you to transform into mechanical objects (Car, Rocket, Helicopter, Magnet, Motorcycle, ...) to avoid obstacles, collect Vortex Gems in levels and defeat the Assas (The bad guys who want to destroy the world). The Multiplayer mode allows you to participate in world championships with other players. With this game you will always discover a new way to have fun! Game link: • Web (HTML5) version (Gamemonetize.com) • Android version (Google Play)
  2. Espada de Sheris TrailerMODE Overview Espada de Sheris is a captivating indie 2D platformer that centers around parkour, starring Kibo, a feline European ninja armed with the Espada de Sheris. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by duzker aliens from the 4000s, as Kibo battles these masked adversaries to restore balance to the shattered planet. Story Set in a futuristic Earth divided between cats and duzker aliens, Kibo, armed with the Espada de Sheris, takes players on an adventurous journey through chapters where defeating masked duzkers is pivotal to saving the world. The narrative holds promise, blending elements of science fiction and action in a unique, cat-centric universe. Gameplay & Features Parkour Levels: The game's focus on parkour adds depth and dynamism to the platformer experience, promising engaging gameplay. Music & Graphics: The incorporation of hip-hop music alongside distinctive pixel graphics delivers an immersive ambiance, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere. User-Friendly Controls: Intuitive character controls ensure accessibility for players of varying skill levels. Continual Updates: The commitment to updating the game up to Chapter Five demonstrates dedication to content evolution and player engagement. Accessibility: The game's compatibility with touch and non-touch screens widens its accessibility, inviting more players to join in. Free-to-Play Model: The F2P model encourages wider adoption and enables players to explore the game without financial barriers. Developer Profile - SketBR SketBR, an anonymous Brazilian web user passionate about science fiction, showcases a versatile skill set honed since 2015. With a background in game development and a creative portfolio spanning manga, instrumental music, loops, and animations aimed at Portuguese-speaking audiences, SketBR's dedication to diverse creative endeavors is evident. PlayMODE Screenshots Conclusion Espada de Sheris offers a promising blend of engaging gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and a developer with a rich creative background. The game's fusion of parkour mechanics, hip-hop music, and pixel graphics presents an immersive experience that's both accessible and continuously evolving through updates. With its unique premise and developer's creative prowess, Espada de Sheris holds significant potential for captivating a wide audience.
  3. Dive into the depths in search of the Great Ruby, a legendary treasure, the last vestige of an ancient forgotten civilization. Your heavy diving suit won't allow you to jump, but you have unlimited air supply! Explore the underwater labyrinth and find your way to the deepest cave, avoiding nasty dangers and enemies through secret doors and rooms. Will you be able to find all the golden coins? Abyss is my first HTML game made with Phaser. It is a sort of Metroidvanian adventure game with focus on exploration, very simple controls and old-school feel. Find coins to open secret doors and press buttons to gain access to new areas. Game progress is saved to the browser's local storage. I hope you like it 😀 You can play it at https://mochil0.itch.io/abyss
  4. Ninja Spike Avoider is a simple 10 level platform game of jumping and avoiding spikes while trying to collect all the coins on each level. It is an open source game made with Tad's Basic Game Objects (tabageos) an open source library for quickly making html5 games. And there is a complete tutorial series that goes over how to code the game from complete scratch, by extending the tabageos GameSkeleton class it takes less than 400 lines of code to make the game, including a title screen, level select, sounds, touch support and game pad support.
  5. Hi, my name is Moe Anguish. i've made 6 games in game maker studio so far and i'm looking for work. i've made a variety of games that would fit into several different genres, from arcade shooters to Visual Novels. you can play my games here, and you can send me a message here or on discord (Anguish#0994) with your job offers. my skill set includes : Game programming (using Game Maker Studio 2, platformers, shooters, etc) Sound effect design (Guns, ambience, and etc) High and low res pixel art sprites and full drawings. (including human portraits and more!) Voxel modelling (No rigging, can model scenes, characters and more) Localization from Arabic to English / EN to Arabic If you are interested in seeing my artistic capabilities and some of my works, you can view them here. Thank you for reading, and hope to hear from you guys soon!
  6. Hi, I'm Lewis, a freelance pixel artist looking to work on your great project. I've worked on a wide variety of projects boasting pixel art styles, but also projects involving clean vector art and all including smooth animation. My skills are: Pixel art Vector art Animation GMS 2.3 platformer programming (2D) Video editing Projects I've worked on/am involved with include: Kyle & Lucy animating and creating environment art, Sonic Studio (a fan game made in GM), Sonic 2 HD (fan game) creating enemies and environment art, Freedom Planet 2 creating backgrounds and stage art, and more. I'm available for hire! Contact me at [email protected] or message me via a PM. Enjoy some examples of my pixel art below: If you are interested in my work, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or in a PM. Thanks for taking a look, Lewis.
  7. Hi. I glad to introduce you a new game that was created by our team - it's called Arcade Race and it's a simple racing game where you need to go from checkpoint to checkpoint trying to do it in short time. It's a 3d game but made in old pixel game style like Interstate76 or first Carmagedon . Please don't judge it seriously it's just a fan art inspired by old games. It works directly in browser and mobile devices with friendly controlls. Enjoy. It was made using Verge3D engine in Blender with help of Inkscape and Gimp. Here's a link to the game And some screenshots
  8. Title: Project swordsman (will be changed later) What I need: I need someone who can create game music, and someone who can help with pixel art, because my pixel art skills are kind of weak and i need help. Also if anyone is familiar with the engine Construct 3/2 then i could definitely use your help. I could even use a person to just bounce ideas off of and help me plan. My plan: So right now I dont have money to spend on game engines, so i have to settle for the free edition of construct 3, which has a limit of 50 events (kind of like the programming language of the engine) so I'm going to barely be able to get a demo. But a plan to get a kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign up to fund the game engine, so i can actually complete the game. I will link the demo so people can try it out before donating. I will also get a dev blog up so people can track the progress. It What the game will be like: Its and action-adventure side scroller where you fight animals and people to protect you family. Here are some screenshots of early development of the demo.
  9. Hello, my name is Alejandro. I'm an indie developer, I work also as freelancer. My portfolio is http://www.noisechip.com/, my rate is 10-15$ hour. Here are some examples of my work: You can also reach me by mail [email protected] and discord noisechip#8773. Thanks.
  10. Hi, If you need to outsource a good Pixel Artist, please feel free to contact me anytime. I can do all kinds of Pixel Art. You can see my Portfolio at this link below. https://sites.google.com/view/pixeljay/pixel-art Please email me for a faster transaction: [email protected] Lets do it according to your budget. Thanks
  11. Hi, its my firsh HTML5 game, I made it after playing PIxel Dungeon : ) For UI i used react.js. Gameplay part is canvas+js. No any other frameworks. Maybe for next my game ill take phaser. : ) Features: 8 bosses about 25 enemies items with random generated properties random generated levels You can play it here: https://pixel-cave.com About any bugs you can report me in game menu. : ) I've fixed some bugs, reported via these menu already.
  12. https://www.zen-games.com/ (former mini.ninja) * Add Card.Ninja (MTG card tester) * Update Ubik 2D (fullscreen viewport) * Update Stones in Clouds Game (spells) * Update the blog * Update android application
  13. Hello! I'm writing a pixelArt game. 1) I'd like to use procedural image generation, i e using functions to create and modify images pixel by pixel on fly. Some examples: modifying images to create dynamic shadows on an object itself, grass reacting to player movement, characters calculated/ animated in vector, but then pixel clothes grows on the vector sceleton and displayed. My Question is: Can Pixi do pixel manipulation? Is there smth I should know about it? Is Pixi - the best choice for such a task? Is it even gives any advantages, compared to HTML Canvas pixel manipulation, e g does it use GPU or smth? 2)I'd like to scale pixels freely, so two objects on scene can have pixels of different sizes. Is there a proper way to do it? I'm thinking of using some scale method on image or just drawing a lot of rectangles, with PIXI ParticleContainer or smth.. Also if someone thinks that my ideas are dumb for some reason, and I should prerender everything, please say so! Here's some probably irrelevant information: I plan to desktop the game, using electron. Thanks for attention! ?
  14. Hello everyone... I am looking to find some paid work to help continue my current development and do more of the things that I enjoy, such as spriting and developing games. Lately, I lean towards working on platformers or top-down works over isometric and prefer character sprites over tiles and backgrounds, though I am capable of creating all of these elements. I am capable of creating a true variety of styles, most of the samples I will share here with you are varying in style, I do not currently have a clean portfolio website as I am having troubles with my finances right now and my living situation, so I have my website offline and will share an Imgur album with some samples. Here are some animated samples: https://imgur.com/a/BwZS3 Here is a static mockup for a Metroid inspired project (an old friend's project): https://imgur.com/WFd7FLu Here is a sample of recreating placeholder art for a potential client: https://imgur.com/wlDJ8NG Here is a personal ARPG project sprite mockup set: https://imgur.com/UodDP5L A random sprite preview: https://imgur.com/t01Sbie I will most certainly work towards having a more presentable portfolio website as soon as I can, but for now, these should help show what I am capable of and the quality of my works. There are many other samples but these should do, if you require more, let me know. EDIT: You can reach me by replying here or sending me an email at patriick@linuxmail 'dot' org Kind Regards, Patrick.
  15. Hello everyone, I hope you like isometric pixelart games, because this is one of them,. I grow up in the early 00' "playing" habbo hotel, and I really enjoyed the art behind this "social network" (yes, it is), so I decide on 2014 to create my own game, but I had several medical issues between 2014 and 2017. So at the beginning of the year I started the project again,with pixi.js... and that's it. I want to make a MMORPG. I played runescape a lot, years ago, but I want to create a original content, with not much influence from current mmorpg's, and I accept all kind of help and ideas. The game is currently in a closed INDEV, but in some moments, I send codes in the official discord (currently in spanish). twitter: http://twitter.com/voidpixel/ discord: http://voidpixel.net/ game: http://alpha.voidpixel.net/ github issue tracker: http://github.com/voidpixel/game/ I hope you like it. ❤️
  16. Hi, i present you my new game, created to Cyberpunk Game jam with construct 2. Cyberpunk Night Club is a management/simulation game with a little story, you have to play with the mouse, club evolve by buying equipment, make money and fight the enemies. It's Html5 game, playable in browser in itch.io : https://arludus.itch.io/cyberpunk-night-club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwDFWMF48D0
  17. I've been struggling to find a bit of paid work lately, so I have been working on a set of assets that I intend on packing up into an asset pack, the character is in the style of a project that I am currently working on in Phaser 3 titled: "Karzak The Slayer" where you play as a barbarian that has had his victory feast stolen by some mischievous goblins. The tile are nothing alike that project's tiles but any way, I was hoping to supplement the income I have from the days or work I find labouring here and there or odd contracts and this was the best way I could come up with. I started thee project when I was homeless which wasn't too long ago, and a friendly donation from a member of a game development community helped me out of that situation, where I am now under a roof and attempting to get things back up and running, struggling to find work is quite stressful and having my laptop stolen recently, I lost much of the work I would have used for my portfolio, so I decided to start this as a new portfolio piece and as a potential trickle of funds that I would divert to things like my Karzak project IF it gets anywhere. I started this post because I don't quite know of anywhere to post about it, collect feedback or opinions and the like, being an artist I struggle to think of what a programmer or non-creative would consider when looking for a pack of assets for use in any kind of development. I have tried many places like the itch.io devlogs, facebook and other sources to attempt to get some feedback, but people just like or share and rarely read the posts on facebook, which doesn't help when you're seeking information! So if any of you have some time (I apologize in advance if this isn't a good place for this kind of post) I do have some questions not only regarding where would be best for this kind of discussion but about the pack itself (I will share links below) To consider purchasing an asset pack, what do you consider essential? When looking at a character's animation set for a project's prototype asset or final asset, what animations are rarely there when you're developing your prototypes and have bought an asset to use? Do you prefer to get a whole set of assets intended to be used together or do you mix and match? ... I do have more questions but I have a doctors appointment that I cannot miss and time is getting on, I will add more later. Asset Pack Previews: Album link - https://imgur.com/a/r4qs6Dy The above link contains animation previews of both the character and a handful of the enemies, UI previews and some basic tiles I've made. All of the tiles are at 16x16. Monkey Boy Character Asset: I genuinely struggled when it came to the character, I had no idea of what to create, my mind was completely blank, but I didn't want to sit around doing nothing and I hit a creative block in the level design for my project Karzak, so I felt that I needed a little break... Anyway, a random thought came to me about Monkeys and so I decided to make a Monkey-like-Man or as it turned out, boy, and that's how the character was spawned into existence. The style of Karzak was well received and that was just with the prototype art so I decided to use a similar style with these assets and I hope that is instilled in the character, these previews above are not finished though and will get a lot of polish before they are released, but that style will remain the same throughout. Hopefully you can tell that the run style is intended to be a man/boy mimicking a monkey's run. The animations that caused most issue where the jump which there isn't a preview for yet, and the death, I couldn't figure out how I wanted it to look, there will likely be multiple death animations eventually though as I intend on updating the pack a little even once the baseline set is polished and released. At first I wasn't quite sure about the character, I was really unsure in fact about how it looked but it grew on me and now I quite like it! The Snail Enemies: The idea is that these enemies would be able to transition to a vertical climb obstructing the player at times or causing the player to have to get hurt to avoid a greater or stronger enemy, but these blue ones can only move in one direction, whereas another coloured variant would be able to turn around and move the other way, following the direction of the player but sticking to whichever surface they are still on. There is intent on adding an enemy that does this but can hop to local tiles in pursuit of the player. There is a slime enemy that is not yet finished, A giant fish that leaps out of water to get to the player across certain deep water gaps, plant based enemies that are ranged and melee that can leap out of the background to strike the player based on many variations in mechanics or triggers. Conclusion: There is still a great deal of work left to finish on these assets, and it is at this point, taking some time away from my project Karzak, but I am having fun and hopefully it helps a little in the long run with supplementing a little trickle of funds towards it. In any event, it will help me update a new and fresh portfolio with some content that is consistent. I hope to get some feedback from potential users or people that have used assets in the past. -------------------------------------------------- Karzak The Slayer: Title Screen Logo - https://imgur.com/8jLPwa0 Character & Enemies - https://imgur.com/l8yYjHY Old Phaser 3 Demo Screenshot - https://imgur.com/S0fseQt Karzak Animations - https://imgur.com/wIcLPmz Updated Tiles (Style) - https://imgur.com/g4jROEN - https://imgur.com/ruoXbVn -------------------------------------------------- Random animation samples: Goblins - https://imgur.com/a/BwZS3 -------------------------------------------------- I hope you're all having a good day and developing some awesome projects! Kind Regards, Patrick.
  18. Hi all, I am a french full-stack developper and I am looking for a Graphic designer to make the game-ui design & pixel art for a project of mobile and desktop game on Kitesurf. Here is what I would like to propose in the game: -Challenges -Race -Classements -FreeStyle -Shop -Multi-player ... The base of the game is already in place but here I will need help on the graphics and character animation. I would like to do a little old-school project in pixel art in top view. Voila, if the project interests you, mp me here is some game ui that I find nice -> - https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/569423946634125639/ - https://free-game-assets.itch.io/free-game-user-interface - https://itch.io/queue/c/485871/gui?game_id=280236 - https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/460493130623071038/ - https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/353884483218659421/ - https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/460493130623071038/ - https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/519180663292757475/
  19. Hey Guys, I am doing mostly game assets, but I am tinkering around on my own game for a long time now. I am still uncertain about the graphics style and would like to have some feedback on this one (image). All thoughts are appreciated. - I am using phaserJS. It's a kind of exploration, Metroidvania stylish. But at the very early stage of implementation still. note: this screen is not entirely tilebased and was edited. ~ sam
  20. Hi! I did a Game Jam recently, our group used the p5 library because someone suggested it to us, and indeed it helped us develop an ok prototype in a short amount of time. The game wasn't perfect at all of course, because 48 hours is still really short, but one of the main flaws that bothered me was the graphic integration; our graphistes liked working with pixel art, and we used a tileset to create the background map, which didn't tile right, with grey line appearing between tiles; on top of that, the other sprites didn't look nice at high resolution either, because of linear filtering. After the Jam ended, I decided to try to fix these. I found the way to activate nearest filter in p5, which made the graphics look way better, but still not as nice as I wanted it to be. After googling a bit, I found this article, which was exactly what I was looking for. Then I noticed... in order to use shaders, I needed to switch the context to WebGL, which meant changing most of the code. This didn't actually bother me, so I started working on it, it was quite a nightmare (because of p5's bugs and lacks of integration...) but when I got to the point where I had basically the same game then before, but switched to a WebGL context (without the shaders), I noticed HUGE performance drops (I'm talking 10 FPS for displaying something 400 sprites in a 500 * 500 context!!!). That's when I decided that I needed to switch to a different library. A little more googling later, I opted for the PIXI library, which, I must agree, is a nice library to work with, even though the official documentation is lacking a bit of informations. I started recoding the game from scratch once again, and as soon as I could draw the map on screen, I tried to implement the pixel art shader; I copy-pasted the code and... Magic! It didn't work. I was actually not that surprised, and decided to play around with the GLSL to see where the problem was. That's when I started noticing strange things: weird texture offsets that I tried to adjust for manually, which didn't work because the offset changed depending on the scaling of the image... and then the texture itself, scaling itself up and down when I scaled the sprite... After a while and thanks to more googling, I found out that Pixi did some pre-processing on both the texture and the texture coordinates which were passed to the fragment shaders. I tried adjusting for it, I tried a lot, I got close, but it's still really messy, and float precision starts doing strange things that makes the textures look even worst then before. That's where I am now. I tried searching for others libraries, but most of them seemed to be either 3D libraries, or probably as weak as p5, so I'm here to ask, is there a good library that I can work with which won't bring me such problems? Or is there something I can do to fix my problem with PIXI? Or should I just resort to using webGL without any additional library (which at this point seems like the best solution to me)?
  21. Hello everyone, I present you my first game, available for free on Itch.io It's a pretty simple pixel-art platform game, you have to jump from ruin to ruin without falling, the platforms are randomly created as you go so the level is infinite the goal being to make the best score possible to unlock more levels. Each level will have its particularities, some with boss. The game is available on Itch.io : https://arludus.itch.io/the-last-ruin
  22. Hello All, I posted about this a while back and it's now finished and released! CryPixels Procedural Pixel Art Generator Has a demo version available on Windows and Mac. The software is 100% written in HTML5/JavaScript and packaged using nw.js. Full details of the software can be found here: https://crysoftware.itch.io/crypixels Feel free to request additional features, product is in active development. Regards, TomC.
  23. Hi! I'm releasing my new game, called Lost in Jungle! How many days can you survive in a misty jungle full of monsters? Play this turn-based game and find out in your desktop or mobile! Play it for free at: http://www.minzaogames.com
  24. Hi, I'm open for new projects [email protected] My gallery: https://www.artstation.com/kozhko
  25. Happy Culinary is a simulation pixel-art game developed by www.LittleGiantWorld.com. This game sponsored by spilgames. Feel free to contact us if you want to licensing our games, we're specialize in simulation and pixel-art game. Play Happy Culinary game here: http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/happy-culinary/play.php or here https://goo.gl/w6CUii
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