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Found 3 results

  1. Introducing our new WebGL Inverse Kinematics animation design tool. (1) It is based on FABRIK iterative solver, many times faster than traditional Jacobian solver such as iTaSc. (2) allows you to save and reuse poses and animation. (3) enabling collision detection for end-effectors allows you to automatically adjust walk cycle over tilted surfaces. A short tutorial video shows how it works: Visit Petri-Dish to play with the above IK Hand and see what other gestures you can create. oTakhi Platform is a cloud-based, top-down, object-oriented
  2. Updated Blender exporters have been released introducing Blender Actions support via AnimationRanges. The documentation has been updated, here. Below are excerpts, as screen prints since markdown does not display here very well. As far as any known future plans, Tower Of Babel is probably going to drop Typescript file generation. I put that in a while back, and now think it would be simpler to always generate a '.js' and a '.d.ts', then giving the user a choice of a '.js' and / or a '.ts' file. Up until now, most of my use of the exporter has been testing upgrades to it. I have not b
  3. I want to do smtg like this: Flow. I need to make game object with many parts which would be move according to the inverse kinematics. How can I do it with Phaser?
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