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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Here is my latest game, is a fast pace, instant card battles game. With this game, my goal is to create an experience similar to IO games (fast on-boarding and fast sessions) while incorporating the mechanics of collectible card games along with having these cards issued as collectible on the blockchain (optional for players). Read more on my blog. The game is currently in beta so expect a few resets and bugs. It runs cross-browser (mobile and desktop) and will have an iOS and Google Play version after beta. BETA (current): The game will initially be balanced around PvP battles with the beta expected to run for 3 weeks. There are 20 cards to collect in the beta decks. I expect to gather enough data to balance the core mechanics around these cards. Most active players during the Beta will be rewarded special cards and card backs. CORE FEATURES Fast pace, multiplayer IO style game. Unique easy-to-learn gameplay with no learning curve. Endless, instant match ups. Persistent seasonal rankings with daily rewards. (Upcoming) Cooperative events vs powerful NPCs to earn rare collectible artifacts. Card backs (customization) and legendary card collectibles. All collectibles tradable on the Stellar DEX. Universal syncs on any platform with Facebook or Litemint ( Stellar Wallet). Cyberpunk theme and original lore. Guest Login: Your session token is saved in the local storage so if the cache is deleted you will lose your progress. The data will be removed from server after a period of inactivity. Facebook Login: At any time, players can associate their Facebook login to benefit from universal sync. Litemint Login: Litemint is a crypto wallet for gamers. When you start the game from the wallet, you are able to "own" your cards on the blockchain and trade them with anyone in the world. Any question or issue let me know. Enjoy!
  2. This fun and interesting game will definitely keep you in place for hours. The reason is simple, it combines the classic Snake game we all loved with some new features that will spice up the action and also, will make you feel more involved in the game. Welcome to Hexa Snake Online, among the best and most interesting snake games online which you can play for free, with no signup or account needed. It's up to you how many points you gather and the more you manage, the better, because it's an online game. That means other users can come in and play in the same time. You'll see live users playing along side your snake. They will try to take your points and even fight you if your snake is on the same trajectory with their's. That's why Hexa Snake Online is such a fun and interesting game. It allows you to keep control on both the snake but also on the action, making you plan strategies and involve in battles with other users. The main goal is to gain as many points as possible and in case your game ends sooner than you desire, no problem! You can always start a new game with no other tasks involved. Simply click on "I can do better" icon and a new game will pop up on your screen. The resolution and features of the game will make you love it. There are plenty of fruits, vegetables and burgers on the field which you'll have to eat with your snake in order to gain point. If you fail to do so, other users might come and take your fruits. Fun and interesting, Hexa Snake Online will definitely make you stay for hours, playing and enjoying the fun. Just like the old versions of Snake, most of them played on the Nokia devices back in the days, this new and innovative version of Hexa Snake causes addiction. With so many users playing it, so much diversity in feeding your snake with fruits and so many options for you to stay in the lead, this top game will quickly become your favorite when it comes to playing free online games. To play the game you'll need only a few buttons on your keyboard. The main control will be lead by the keys "right" and "left" which will help you guide your snake in multiple ways. As the name says it, turning left or right will happen in six steps, that meaning if you hit the "right" key once, the snake will turn right but not in a 90 degrees angle, like on the old versions, but in a 60 degree angle. You will have multiple options with the Hexa version and more ways your snake could follow during the game. The "up" button also allows you to increase your speed. This special feature is essential when you want to out pass another user, or you want to get ahead of him in order to reach to a fruit, vegetable or burger. With the "left click" on your mouse or with the "Z" key, you will be able to shoot your contestants. Keep in mind that they can also shoot you, that means you'll always have to stay alert during your game. Nobody is friends with nobody and the fruits, vegetables and burgers are limited! In conclusion, the game is fun and very interesting to play. It contains multiple functions and plenty of options for the players, requires no signup or other form of authentication and is very simple to start. Just browse the HexaSnakeOnline site and get playing directly on your PC. Enjoy a fun activity with other online users, work your way in becoming number one and share your results via the social media. Let others see what you're capable of while you enjoy a reborn version of the classic Snake game! A version which will suit your gaming needs like a glove. Game link Screenshot Gameplay