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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Here is my latest game, Litemint.io. Litemint.io is a fast pace, instant card battles game. With this game, my goal is to create an experience similar to IO games (fast on-boarding and fast sessions) while incorporating the mechanics of collectible card games along with having these cards issued as collectible on the blockchain (optional for players). Read more on my blog. The game is currently in beta so expect a few resets and bugs. It runs cross-browser (mobile and desktop) and will have an iOS and Google Play version after beta. BETA (current): The gam
  2. Hi, I would like to have two cards that when they collide with each other they would rotate in an analog way of the ones you can see in the attached video. This is the first part of the code: var config = { type: Phaser.AUTO, width: 800, height: 600, backgroundColor: '#1b1464', parent: 'phaser-example', physics: { default: "matter", matter: { gravity: { y: 0}, debug: true } }; scene: { preload: preload, create: create } }; var game = new Phaser.Game(config); function preload () { this.load.sprite
  3. Hello my name's Peter, I'm a student I'm a beginner i want to learn and build some cards game like blackjack, solitaire i can't show cards and shuffle them. it's hard to make it i have some examples from Phaser2 it's make me can build and understand beginner projects but "Phaser3" i'm very confused, can you get some examples or code for learn ? Thank you for help me
  4. I would like to present my second card game. It is a remake of one of the solitaire card games. You can find the game here: http://gopgames.eu/forty-thieves/ I also wrote about my experience learning Phaser and making this game: http://neposas.postach.io/post/game-forty-thieves PS. Information about my first game can be found here:
  5. NePo

    Cards game

    I do not know why I called my new game Love Solitaire, because it has nothing to do with love or solitaire. You have you get rid of your cards faster than your opponent. If the arrow is up, you have to place higher card, if the arrow is down, you have to place lower card. Diamonds change the direction of the card. You can find game here: http://gopgames.eu/nepo-love/ Detailed analysis of this game can be found here: http://neposas.postach.io/post/game-love-solitaire And my previous game can be found here:
  6. I started learning Phaser and would like to present my first game. It is interpretation of well know cards game TriPeaks. You can find the game here: http://gopgames.eu/nepo-tripeaks/ In the classic solitaire games score depends on the time you play, faster you play - better the score. I hate that, I want to play as slowly as I can, so I invented my own scoring system. I also wrote about my experience with Phaser (as I am newbie, it is a bit frustrating) and shared some code which could help others like me: http://neposas.postach.io/post/game-solitaire-tripeaks
  7. Another of my solitaire games series - Spiderette solitaire made with Phaser (great thing). The player can choose from 1 suit, 2 suit and 4 suit(hardest). Finally implemented undo button. I hope you will like my game. Link Screenshots
  8. Find the pairs! is a game I created within 13 days using my engine. The game is about finding pairs of cards. You can buy upgrades to the shop for the cards. Enjoy! http://www.anothergames.com/games/html5/Findthepairs/index
  9. Play online here: http://thecommanderscards.com Uses node, expressjs, mongodb in the backend, and canvas, jquery, soundjs on the front end
  10. Hi, `Pos eso' the game, this is the story: Trini is the most famous flamingo dancer in the world and she has an envious life. Her husband Gregorio is the greatest bullfighter in all the land and their son Damien has a wonderful future. Everyone loves her dancing, but when a seemingly innocuous domestic accident takes Gregorio’s life, a deep depression falls over Trini forcing her to quit the stage. Damien’s behaviour becomes uncontrollably rebellious forcing Trini to call upon doctor after doctor to provide relief. When no answers can be found, there is left only one possible explanation -
  11. Hello I'm currently working on a simple memory game. I got it working, but I'm not content with how certain things are done in the code. For example, right now I'm using one sprite for the face up and one sprite for the face down of a card. With visible=false / visible=true. And since these are different sprites which are supposed to be at the same coordinates I have to update 2 things instead of 1. I've also tried using the loadTexture-function. But this removes the old texture and it loads it and reloads it etc, which works for small numbers, but what if I wanted a memory of the size 100
  12. An offline blackjack card game for chrome browser user, completely written in HTML5, you can play as a card dealer or as a player. I am consider to take out the background music, if you think that is a good idea too then please do let me know after you have played the game. The link to the game downlaod page. The game is a light weight html5 game so it should very very fast to download it.
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