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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I've got a strange behavior of a layerMask parameter. If I understand it right: 1. mesh.alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh = true - this is about mesh visibility and related calculations only. When we load a scene and this mesh is behind a player - it is not active, but becomes active when you turn around, and some things are calculated only when the mesh is active, right? 2. mesh.layerMask - this is about multiple cameras only, right? When you want some meshes be visible on specific camera only - you put needed layerMask for that. What I have here - - here are 2 cameras, 1'st normal standard, 2'nd takes the right half of the canvas and is in front of the first one. Why all meshes are visible on both cameras? If you comment out lines with alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh - 2'nd camera will show a sphere only, that is an expected result for me. That means alwaysSelectAsActiveMesh makes layerMask useless.
  2. Hi debugger team! Those are 4 renderTargetTextures (RTT) along the bottom of the view. Back in the olden days, edgesRenderer lines didn't appear on renderTargetTextures. Now they do. That is cool. HighlightLayer still doesn't render to RTT's, though (spheres with blue glow). I guess that's still considered a post-process, and I think RTT's get their image BEFORE post-processing, as best I understand it. Anyway... @Deltakosh once helped me remove the "box" at the bottom of lower-left RTT. He did it by using layerMasks. But, it's broken again. The black box area has returned (and flies-around with camera panning). RTT #1 (lower left) is showing the black box that contains the RTT's. Can anyone help, or does anyone know why? Bug/inconsistency? *shrug*. I thought I'd better report it to the experts. Be well, happy holidays!
  3. Hy there! sorry with my ton of questions today! i've been trying to isolate the gui from the minimap but using layermask doesn't prove effective
  4. Hi Folks, Just a question about the LayerMask: is there any way to keep the depth stencil buffers between the layers? I would like to apply different post processing pipelines to different layers so that I cannot use RenderGroup for this., in the playground we can see that the ground is always in front of the sphere because its layer is bigger than the one of the sphere. Is there a way to not clear the depth buffer? Many thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I've had issues with some things that I'd like you to review maybe. Here is a simple PG scene, combining two excellent demos : water and fire materials. A candle is over a calm beach, #Question 1 : if you move the camera just to look up, right from starting position, you'll notice the reflective texture on water becomes glitchy at the bottom of the canvas. How to avoid that ? Next, I'd like to apply blur post-process, but only on the flame. #Question 2 : Is there a simple way to add/remove mesh from being rendered by the rendering pipeline ? Something like BABYLON.StandardRenderingPipeline.excludedMeshes[ ] ? Here is the result when applying the pipeline : #Question 3 : In this example the fireMaterial has trouble rendering its opacityTexture through the StandardRenderingPipeline. Is it a bug ? How to avoid that kind of glitch ? So from my researches, in order to exclude certain elements from being rendered by the pipeline, I have to create multiple cameras with different layerMasks. So only the flame is rendered in the secondCamera : #Question 4 : In this example, the waterMaterial becomes invisible, after adding another camera. Also, there seems to be a 'delay' when looking around, between layerMasks, the flame is no more 'attached' to the candle... Anyway let's continue, then adding again the rendering pipeline, but only to the secondCamera : #Question 5 : The scene refuses to render if only one camera is applied on the StandardRenderingPipeline.cameras, is it a bug ? Or is it impossible ? Thx for looking into that if you have time