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Found 4 results

  1. How do I use the license when creating my games? I've read the license but I still don't understand what exactly I need to do to abide by the license. How should I do this?
  2. Hey, how are you guys? I need your recommendations here! I am working with some friends in a game for almost 8 months now and our main concern is the legal part. We are looking for some type of registration of the game, just to be safe in case someone wants to realeased the same game or steals our graphics, music ,etc. How do you handle this?? Does anybody knows about how to "patent" your game? Thanks a lot Fefein. Mobilecostudios.com
  3. Hey, I'm 17 and I'm starting to look into html5 game development as a way to actually make some money. That said, I have noticed that being under-aged seems to be an obstacle, since a lot of game related services, like ad providers, cross promotion, and marketplaces ask you to be major in their terms of service. And that's not even considering that I can't even make myself a PayPal (here in Canada). What should I do, sign up to these services anyway? What would be the legal implications? According to you, will this be also an obstacle for dealing with publishers? I'm a bit worried, what should I do?
  4. When signing game contracts, what maintenance(bug fixes, new API implementation, etc) period do you generally agree on? 3 months, 6 months?
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