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Found 5 results

  1. I've followed many guides on the internet and I have found success in none of them so far. My situation is having a game where updates from the server are inconsistent, so-far I have found no lerp that can handle this without jumping and jittering a bunch.
  2. Im trying to make a lerp function on an online game. Im doing this by having a buffer list, I append each server update to a list, and lerp over the contents, here is an example: movementBuffer.unshift(gameUpdate); //when a new update is received //in the main loop timeElapsed += delta; lerpPerc = timeElapsed / updateRate; //percent which is lerped to if(lerpPerc > 1){ //when the lerp is finished, the states that were just lerped are removed from the buffer movementBuffer.splice(prevData.length - 2, 2); //remove the previous states from the buffer state1 = p
  3. Hi there ! I got some blurry simple sprite movement when moving and having a camera lerp. It's only when I use more than 60FPS ( 144 exactly ) ( set up with this.game.time.desiredFps = 144; ) So i tried to block at 60 FPS with this.game.time.desiredFps = 144; but I got some ghosting like effect. It's really easy to see it on this example : http://phaser.io/examples/v2/p2-physics/kill-and-revive Anyone got an idea to avoid the blur or the ghosting ? That would help me so much
  4. I'm using babylon 2.4 here. I've providing position vectors to the Vector3.lerp function. The result seems to be a string concatenation instead of arithmetic addition. Below I'm just showing x, z coordinates because y is always constant from: 2.000, 0.000 to: 2.400, 0.000 lerp percentage: 0.33589999999996506 lerped position: 2.0000.134359999999986, 0.0000 lerp percentage: 0.9552999999999884 lerped position: 2.0000.38211999999999524, 0.0000 so this is going from (2.0, 0.0) to (2.4, 0.0) The 1st resulting lerp should be 2.134359999999986 but instead its 2.0000.13435999999
  5. Hi there, by default it seems the ANIMATIONTYPE_QUATERNION slerps between 2 quaternions the short way (270 degrees turns into -90 for instance). If I compute the angle between the 2 quaterinon and determine that it's more than 180, how would I go about slerping it the long way? I tried looking at the code but variable names such as num1 num2 num3 num4 num5 num6 didn't really help Any help appreciated! Cheers, Quaternion.Slerp = function (left, right, amount) { var num2; var num3; var num = amount; var num4 = (((le
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