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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying o figure out a way of doing bursting in a particle system... what I mean is I wanna one-shot or burst an amount of particles (but not end or stop playing the particles from the the previous burst) and one-shot or burst another amount of particles right behind the first set at a specified delay in milli secs or whatever... think of Indian Smoke Signals type effect. Yo @Deltakosh or @Sebavan or ANYBODY else know how to make this happen... of even modify the BABYLON.ParticleSystem to support BURST instead of just a one-shot then you die type deal I know 'maualEmitCount' gives you a one-shot then die type deal... but I need something like that but be able to one-shot multiple and a given delay ALSO... Can anybody tell me for sure exactly what ParticleSystem.emitRate is that how many particles PER SECOND... so and emitRate of 1 would emit 1 particle per second (if emitPower min/max ratio set to 1.0) ???
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