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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying o figure out a way of doing bursting in a particle system... what I mean is I wanna one-shot or burst an amount of particles (but not end or stop playing the particles from the the previous burst) and one-shot or burst another amount of particles right behind the first set at a specified delay in milli secs or whatever... think of Indian Smoke Signals type effect. Yo @Deltakosh or @Sebavan or ANYBODY else know how to make this happen... of even modify the BABYLON.ParticleSystem to support BURST instead of just a one-shot then you die type deal I know 'maualEmitCount' gives you a one-shot then die type deal... but I need something like that but be able to one-shot multiple and a given delay ALSO... Can anybody tell me for sure exactly what ParticleSystem.emitRate is that how many particles PER SECOND... so and emitRate of 1 would emit 1 particle per second (if emitPower min/max ratio set to 1.0) ???
  2. Is it possible to emit a burst of particles in form of a circle using the Emitter class? By default the emitter object emits particles with random x and y speeds, but what I want to do is manipulate the x/y speeds so the particles in each burst form a circle. What I've tried is making a for-loop, setting the speeds using emitter.setXspeed and setYspeed each time, and then adding one individual particle. It creates the particles alright, but they don't move for some reason. I've taken this burst particle example as a starting point, and changed it. See github or code below.https://github.com/BdR76/phaserparticlesfunction particleBurst_circle(pointer) { // Position the emitter where the mouse/touch event was emitter.x = pointer.x; emitter.y = pointer.y; var EXPLODE_DIAMETER = 80.0; // emit a circle of particles, 360 / 18 = 20 particles for (var i = 0; i < 360; i=i+18) { // set fixed x speed var xsp = Math.cos(2 * Math.PI * i / 360.0) * EXPLODE_DIAMETER; emitter.setXSpeed(xsp, xsp); // set fixed y speed var ysp = Math.sin(2 * Math.PI * i / 360.0) * EXPLODE_DIAMETER; emitter.setYSpeed(ysp, ysp); // TODO: how to emit one single particle? // next line doesn't work, only emits one(?) moving particle //emitter.start(true, 2000, null, 1); // next line add particles, but not moving var star = emitter.create(pointer.x+xsp, pointer.y+ysp, 'particles', null, true); }}Any help would be much appreciated
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