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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Nice to make your acquaintance. It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on here, and I’d like to change that. So let’s start a conversation. Whatcha working on? You a team? Solo developer? Let’s chat! I’d love to hear from you.
  2. Hey everyone I am new to the HTML5 world. I have made a few flash games before, and I consider myself a decent AS3 programmer. I am still learning Javascript at the moment, trying to get the hang of things. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in a good direction on what books would be good for me. I have already downloaded easeljs and played around with it for a little bit ,but there are still something that I just don't get. I just downloaded Phaser because I read that it was much faster than easeljs, so I will probably go through some tutorials on that sometime this weekend. My specific question really is about inheritance and extending a class. As I understand it in Javascript all variables and functions are global unless they are encapsulated. I want to program in the similar style as I did in AS3 where each Class would be a different object in my game, but every tutorial I find everything seems to be done in either one JS file or on the html file. In AS3 I would program each class independently create a static array variable in each class and push that object when they were created so that other classes could interact with each other. I would really like to know if this kind of thing in Javascript is possible, and if I'm using the correct framework to do just that. Also if this comes off very noobish I'm sorry I'm still going through the tutorial on CodeAcademy on Javascript. P.S. If this post comes off as a little scattered brained I'm sorry.
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