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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, this may be a fun challenge for someone with cool results. Below is a Playground of a rectangle orbiting a cube. How to make the rectangle rotate in parallel to cube surface? (orthogonal). Details: a cube is rotating on the X Axis, a rectangle has a Y position change off a Raytrace, emulating gravity, like an old time record-player. Goal: rotate rectangle to be parallel to rotating cube. Guess: Perhaps a specialized rotate from ray.direction to mesh.rotate. Problem: Half the time the rotations are correct (parallel), with cube on a margin, and half the time the rectangle length is perpendicular to the cube, intersecting. That is the challenge. Guess Details: the needed rotation appears to be a conversion from : ray.direction into mesh.rotate() <- But I have not discovered that part yet. How to do that? The notion is for an example of a Character to be able to roll a Planet. And maybe there is a better way? Thanks-much,