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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I'm really confused about this, what is really the difference of these 3 enabling method of physics body in Phaser? object.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE; game.physics.arcade.enable(object); game.physics.enable(object, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE); Are they really the same?
  2. I have an sprite on the stage in ME, which I scaled down by half. Then I applied physics and changed the body size, making it wider, so it can collide with the worldBounds to my liking. I used the physics tool to enable the highlighting of my physics body to do so. However, it looks good visually, but is too small for the collision. If I change it to the double size, which looks wrong within ME, it collides the way it should. I can imagine, this has to do with the way phaser handles this. Neverteheless maybe a little hint on the tutorial site ( could help others. Or is there a way I'm not aware of? I'm intending to scale up the sprite during the game gradually, so I would have to recalculate the physics body width every time, would I? best, Henryk
  3. Hi! I want to import an object layer from Tiled map editor into a physics engine ( p2.js ). My problem is that p2.js uses 0.5,0.5 as anchor points, but tiled uses 0,0 (top-left). How can i recalculate it's position so i can give it the proper coordinated for a different anchor point? Any help is very much appreciated! Edit : This is easy with rectangles, but my problem is with rotated polygons.