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Found 2 results

  1. Hi community, I'm trying to add an additional filter to a sprite in Pixi v4 but somehow this only works when I add the filters at the same time like so: mysprite.filters = [new PIXI.filters.BlurFilter(), new PIXI.filters.NoiseFilter()]; My goal is to dynamically add and remove filters on the sprites at a later time. I have tried this (see below), but when I examine the "mysprite.filters" property, the debugger still tells me that there is only one filter on the sprite: mysprite.filters = [new PIXI.filters.BlurFilter()]; ... mysprite.filters.push(new PIXI.filters.NoiseFilter()); What is the correct way to add additional filters to a sprite? Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Hi I am new to PIXI. I want to make my player sprite follow my mouse on the screen. How can I achieve that? I am using PIXI v4. I have read the docs and I have found PIXI.interactions.InterationManager which takes a renderer as its parameter. Something like this: I have also found some codes that just listen to the `mousemove` event on the stage or on the sprite. Which one is the correct way to do in PIXI v4? I assume this is a very simple task because I can do it easily with pure javascript. But I just can't get it to work in PIXI. I wish I could find the solution on the books or the examples but all they mention are just dragging the sprites which is not what I want. I also want to know if I should put the event listening out of my animation function or inside it because it seems it can get the mouse position outside of my animation function.