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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I upgraded my engine to use PIXI v6 instead of v4 and noticed a significant increase in the drawing time (especially pronounced in iPad 6th Gen). Left is V6 and Right is V4, in the same scene. I originally thought it was a problem with the getLocalBounds call in spines that I had in the render loop and managed to improve the scripting time by about 10% but I then noticed that the rendering and painting had increased dramatically... the same game that runs at 30-40fps with V4 runs at 15-25fps with V6 in an iPad. Weirdly though, the draw calls in V4 were about 170 and in v6 dropped to about 60 (checked with spector.js chrome extension) which would indicate to me that the fps would be better but they are not, sadly. Setting 'transparent' to true or false when creating the PIXI.Renderer does nothing 😕 Is this a known thing? I searched for days and could not find anything about this EDIT: I can send the Spector.js reports for V4 and V6 if it helps but they are too big to be embedded here!
  2. Hi guys, We want to share our HTML5 game project Planet Of Kaz. Here's some of the game features: > GAME FEATURES>> Collectible skill card- Collecting skill card by finding and buying from npc and roullete.>> Customized skill- Bring wanted skill card only, and leave unwanted skill card.>> Outer space monsters- Prepare to fight many kinds of monsters.>> Rescue- Rescue as many survivor as you can, each of them have a unique role to help you. You can play the Planet Of Kaz game free at: http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/planetofkaz/ or download the android version here: https://goo.gl/ppxRHi For publisher/ sponsor, Planet of Kaz is available for sitelock sponsorship. Thank you guys
  3. Hi guys, We just release our newest HTML5 game, Untamed. It's a shooting game with a lot of upgrade options. You can play the game free at http://www.littlegiantworld.com/games/untamed/ You can also embed the game using gamedistribution here: http://gamedistribution.com/games/1-player/untamed.html This game is available for sitelock sponsorship, feel free to contact us if you want to license the game. Have a great day guys
  4. Mr. Miner "Mr. Miner is a gold miner game in which you have to collect gold and other valuables. Invest your money in upgrades for your drill. Drill down to new levels with more gold and other treasures!" GAME LINK: http://miner.fbrq.io/miner/index.html Mr. Miner was made with Phaser and has been one of our bigger projects. Feedback welcome. Always interested what other people and developers think.
  5. Hi All, Just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of Pixi.js and have been successfully using it for the past few years to build Zegami - a data visualisation and exploration tool for viewing large collections of images. Check out some of our demos here - http://demo.zegami.com/. As a company we are starting to grow and are looking for experienced JavaScript developers who are also passionate about Pixi.js and data. We are using v1.6.1, so as you can imagine upgrading to v3 is going to be a priority as well as providing an opportunity to refactor some of Zegami's internals to better suit the new architecture. If you are based in or around Oxford in the UK (with opportunity to work remotely part-time) then please have a look at our job listing at https://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/59548/javascript-developer-zegami-ltd and get in touch. Cheers Roger CTO
  6. Description: Collect gems to earn money, avoid or KILL enemies, collect fuel and ammo, go as long as you can! Mobile friendly HTML5 game Author: el_scrambone Genre: Action, Adventure, Shooter Game Dimensions: 852 x 640 pixels Game Link: http://bap1.pe.hu/ If you have some questions or tips - go and tell it to me) will be glad to get some feedbacks! Screenshots: Video Trailer:
  7. Hi there! This week we want to share about our newest games, Elevator Miner! Elevator Miner is an arcade/action games where you must control the elevator on the right/left side of the screen to move the digger, and dig all the treasure while avoiding all the obstacle. If you're using desktop, you can use W/S to move the left elevator and UP/DOWN Arrow to move the right elevator. Of course on mobile you can just drag the elevator with both of your finger. Link: http://j.mp/elevatorminer Hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if you have any feedback/problem
  8. Hi Guys, Finally I can encourage myself to post my WIP game here.. So, the game is called "Knight&Wizard The Runaway". It's a 2 lane running game which you control 2 character at once, the Knight and the Wizard. The knight can only attack mortal creature, whereas the wizard can only attack magical creature. They are actually twins that has been separated since they were born, being captive by the evil wizards organization and now the're trying to break free. You have to jump to avoid the obstacle along the way and switch lane to banish the enemies from their path Gameplay video: http://youtu.be/tNrz6YFFERw Currently it's still on development, and lots of thing haven't been implemented yet. I'll update the post if it's already playable. thank you, hope you enjoy it
  9. Hi everyone, I'm going through a game I've been developing and updating it from v1.1.3 to v2.0.3, however I seem to have come across a small issue. After updating, the gravity on my player seems to act a lot differently than before. When updating I've enabled Arcade physics and enabled it on my player, when my player drops into the game now (with player.body.gravity.y set to 17 as before) it does so very slowly rather than dropping in at a normal speed. Also, when jumping, the player flies off into the sky rather than a short quick jump. Am I missing something or should I be using a different physics engine here? Thanks, Martin
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