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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys, I'm Hipreme(aka MrcSnm). I have some experience developping some games, and over the time I developed these games I found some need of having a tool that would generate enum for acessing my resources via intellisense. This tools is Licensed on LGPL 3 In every game I developed, at some time, I wrote some code for storing in variables the path for my resources or some easier access. By thinking in this problem, I created one tool that is meant to help every game developer in any language by dynamically updating these resource enumerators when you drag'n drop in your fo
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a job/contract as a game programmer. I have experience using phaser.js, Unity and sdl. I have been programming as a hobby for the last 10+ years, with the odd programming job here and there. I really want to build up a portfolio, so I am willing to work on lower budget projects (within reason). I have two html5 games published on the Chrome web store, one built from scratch, and the other using the phaser engine. Both of which I will link to down below. I can work on projects solo, or as part of a team. I am also a fast learner, so if you ha
  3. Hello community , I follow this engine for long time . and i would like to ask you question Does it sound logically that means something you will use ? The Idea: to take this engine API and build c++ backend for cross platform use mobile / desktop . keeping the JAVAScript API with native back end , using something like http://duktape.org/ as wrapper (fast none vm ) and option to use the c++ API directly and the design will be the same as Phaser API . ( c++ function that looks like phaser functions naming conventions ) what do you think community ?
  4. Was just wondering if there are any plans (or if anyone knows of a port) to extend support to native iOS / Android via common C++ code? E.g. something that has a compatible API & is compatible with the .babylon file type & FBXConverter etc..?
  5. Hi everybody, we want to introduce our very dynamic and unique company to you: Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH with its headquater in Vienna (Austria), is a highly specialized provider of online games for private clients and companies all over the world. With our products we entertain thousands of gamers around the clock every single day. Our portfolio comprises over 100 2D- and 3D-games for web, mobile applications and iTV, paying special attention to the interaction between gamers. Greentube offers top online casino games like Book of Ra™ deluxe, Columbus™ deluxe, Reel
  6. Hi everybody May a create games for browsers by C++ coding? What is Google Native Client ? Has anyone tried to use it?
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