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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! We're a small studio looking to hire an amazing Javascript game developer to work on our upcoming RPG game. Our client is written in PixiJS and React, while the server side runs NodeJS with Colyseus for networking. Some of your initial work includes: - improving the networking in our existing Colyseus client-server setup - better tile culling so can have biggger maps in Pixi js - improved player collision detection - improved pathfinding - performance tweaking - better mobile support Work is full-time and ongoing, and pay will be bimonthly. If you're interested in working on a fun project, leave a reply here, send us a message, or write to us at [email protected] Pleased provide a link to your portfolio or resume and include salary expectations. Thank you!
  2. Job description CrazyGames, a remote-first browser games platform, is looking for a Game Developer Relations Manager. You’ll be our main link to the game developer community, communicating daily with studios and indie game developers. You will help game developers to publish their games on CrazyGames, and improve CrazyGames’ offering for game developers. In addition, you will help game developers to improve their games using analytics, user feedback, and internal tools. By providing the best browser game experience in the world, we plan to grow our user-base from 13.5 million unique monthly users to 20 million and beyond ? Key outcomes for the position: Within 1 month you’ll have listed 5 concrete action points to improve our game developer offering based on interviews with game developers. Within 3 months you’ll collect user feedback and create analytics-based feedback. You’ll work with game developers to improve their games based on this feedback. Within 6 months you’ll have acquired game licenses for 6 casual games which are known globally, from initial outreach to contract negotiation. Within 6 months you’ll have set up a process for managing the MMO games that we offer. Within 12 months you’ll be our main representative in the game developer community and have published articles in game publications. Work environment: 6 talented, skilled, and motivated colleagues 13,500,000 monthly unique players 150+ browser game developers A lot of responsibility and freedom. We hire only experts and trust them to deliver excellent results. Flexible working hours and location. The results are what count! Visits to Leuven, Belgium: you will visit our office in Leuven (the world’s capital of beer) a few times per year. We pay for flights and accommodation so you can have fun with the team. The opportunity to play games and claim it's work. Job requirements Reach out if: You are intelligent, entrepreneurial, efficient, and organized. You have an attention to detail. You like open, efficient, and to-the-point communication and you have experience in working remotely. You have strong analytical skills as well as good business development skills. You have project management experience in the casual games sector. You have a good network in the casual games sector. You have excellent written and spoken English. Apply https://jobs.crazygames.com/o/remote-game-developer-relations-manager
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