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Found 2 results

  1. I'm having trouble using Phaser's TileMap.shuffle. When I use it, it shuffles the area of tiles like it should, but the tiles lose their unique properties after being shuffled. Is there some way I can shuffle tiles without losing collision properties? I'm using shuffle like this: myTileMap.setCollision(tileID, true, layer); // set a few collisions myTileMap.setTileIndexCallback(tileID, function (player, tile) { // I have two callbacks // do stuff myTileMap.shuffle(tile.x, tile.y, 5, 5, layer); // call shuffle }, game, walls); When the callback runs, the 5x5 area on the map loses its specific tile properties. Inside the callback, I can re-set the collision tiles, but I can't rewrite the callback I am in. Is there another way I should be going about achieving this? Thank you.
  2. My new game is Crazy Eggs! It's a shuffle items game for the holidays, but can be used as a template for other themes as well (Xmas, Halloween, summer, any holiday or occasion) Play it live here: