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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Gang! I am looking for free cubeTextures (skyboxes/reflectionTextures) of reasonably-real-life-accurate starfields. In other words... I am looking for skyboxes that accurately portray real life night skies. I prefer to have high-detail and low-detail versions. (heavy cluster and light cluster) If anyone has such, or knows where I can get them... (possibly for use in our playground)... then please reply. Thanks! I am also interested in folks who know about generating random starfields... via shaders (if possible). Can stars be generated on the background of our BJS scenes... without using skyboxes? Shaders? If someone DOES succeed in building a shader-based starfield generator, then random star-twinkles, shooting stars, moon stuff, and ISS/airplane fly-overs... gets you extra credit. Thoughts welcome, from anyone. Thanks! Party on!
  2. I'm trying to figure out a way to make a simple starfield for a background 2d side scrolling game. I could make a png file for the main background, but I would like some of the stars to blink... Would the best way to handle it be make a group and randomly scatter blinking sprites throughout the background? Or is there maybe a more elegant way of handling it? Particles maybe, or is that overkill?
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