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Found 9 results

  1. As @Wingnut asked for a sneak peak, here's my little celestial sphere demo (very much an early work in progress). WIP link: Celestial sphere What's the point you ask? If you want a realistic night sky then why not just use skybox textures of the Milky Way for which NASA have some great resources like here and here? Well I thought it'd be fun to generate it dynamically based on real star map data of the 5000 brightest stars (about the maximum visible by the naked eye from Earth under ideal conditions). The data (right ascension, declination, color, magnitude etc) is a subset of the Tycho-2 Catalogue. This gives me more control over how the stars are rendered (relative scale, brightness, color enhancement, blending with other skyboxes, star "twinkle" effect, constellation lines etc). Ultimately I'd like to get to the stage where I can dynamically generate hyper-realistic, bordering on surreal, skies similar to what you see in the best landscape astro-photography like that of Mike Taylor. To get a good result (be able to make out clear, crisp individual stars) using skybox textures, the resolution and resulting filesize and vram requirements need to be quite large, which isn't ideal for web deployment. This dynamic generation approach means I can use one very small texture to represent a single star, but at the cost of more triangles to render. The stars always look crisp and sharp. Ultimately I'd like to blend this with a very low-res Milky Way skybox behind, combine it with the SkyMaterial, add the moon and phases, day/night transition, geolocation and date/time support etc. I don't want a full astronomy / night sky app, just a drop-in super-realistic and dynamic sky for future projects. Ambitious I know, but I have an astronomy maths book handy and I've made some progress on that front already ...
  2. Hi guys. I want to create a effect in PIXI, that looks like first frames in this video -> http://hubblesite.org/video/513/news_release/2006-01 (stars shooting/flying by). What would more experienced PIXI'oniers advice to achieve such effect? Performance is critical, I want it also to work on mobiles. For now I'm thinking: 1) Particle container, that's for sure? Maybe with some 1-3 star sprites? 2) Projection plane for start movement? Or just calculate it with some custom simple logic?
  3. I'm trying to build a realistic 3D star map. But my stars are too faint to see, because they are far away. I need them to be far away so the constellations look right from Earth. I'd like the light from the stars to have infinite range, even if they end up being single pixels to the camera. I have set up a playground where I had hoped to see the constellation Orion, but I see no stars. Here is the playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Q8JA09#1 My actual database has over 100,000 stars, but I can limit the ones I draw to only the brightest N if needed. In the end, I'd like to animate a faster-than-light trip from star to star.
  4. Hi Gang! I am looking for free cubeTextures (skyboxes/reflectionTextures) of reasonably-real-life-accurate starfields. In other words... I am looking for skyboxes that accurately portray real life night skies. I prefer to have high-detail and low-detail versions. (heavy cluster and light cluster) If anyone has such, or knows where I can get them... (possibly for use in our playground)... then please reply. Thanks! I am also interested in folks who know about generating random starfields... via shaders (if possible). Can stars be generated on the background of our BJS scenes... without using skyboxes? Shaders? If someone DOES succeed in building a shader-based starfield generator, then random star-twinkles, shooting stars, moon stuff, and ISS/airplane fly-overs... gets you extra credit. Thoughts welcome, from anyone. Thanks! Party on!
  5. Hello everybody, here is my new and first game launched on Google Play, it's called "Da Box"! URL: goo.gl/PFvjuO It's a puzzle/platformer, using one finger to play. It's really easy to learn, but somehow hard to master! It was made using Construct 2 (for the most part, some coding was done for additionnal stuff) and it uses the Crosswalk Webview for the best compatibility. I hope you'll like it, and don't hesitate to comment, give me suggestions/feedback and share! Enjoy Here are some screenshots:
  6. Description: HTML5 physics game about sad zombie. 20 nice levels you need to solve! mobile-friendly game. Author: el_scrambone Genre: Arcade, Puzzle, Physics Game Dimensions: 720 x 1,080 pixels Game Link: http://bap3.pe.hu/ If you have some questions or tips - go and tell it to me) will be glad to get some feedbacks! Screenshots: Video Trailer:
  7. Appreciate any support https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=binarypandagames.gravitycommand.ads
  8. Hi everyone! I just finished developments for my game Starcounter. It simple arithmetic game where you click the stars and get points for right combinations. I did do it difficult for now. It is having 1 simply level, but I hope you will enjoy it. I will be happy for some reviews, comments, etc. Thanks for your time! http://alexche8.github.io/starcounter/
  9. Space Flight Hi! We just finished up another game, this one is called Space Flight. Use your finger to trace a path from incoming ships to the appropriate colored stations. As the game progresses, you will get more ships, stations, and unique upgrades that make managing your space port easier, but more challenging at the same time! Manage the universe's busiest space station! Help Mr. Warply figure out how to land all the ships coming to land at his stations. Several different stations, ship colors and additional challenges await you as you progress! Can you master this skill? Please let us know your thoughts! Play Space Flight Right Here! Play Space Flight Right Here!
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