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Found 3 results

  1. Hi in this states i uploaded my game is so laggy and i notice a bit of stopping after a platform leaves the viewport. It is a simple platformer game, hope you noticed this issue. THanks endlessState.js
  2. Hello! On free time, I'm trying to make a Soccer (Football) game with RTS mechanics. The idea came through while I was playing Clash Royale, and I love some RTS elements like top-down / isometric view and watch the character IA change the environment interacting with each other. The project is shared here: https://github.com/alessandronunes/soccerpunch/ I know I have to adjust the velocities and make better IA, but I'm a little stuck here, so I would like to listen to some opinion: what would you do to make of this a (good) game? Thank you!
  3. Hi guys! The puzzle is completed. Here is the final result of my small and simple project (for my university exam) : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6FFQW#16. As you can see, it very very simple; you are an aircraft and you should fire at the ships, before they reach the island and start to fire to the tower where is the poor dude. It was the best I could do. There are some things that are not completed yet (the TODO in the code), for example the minimap and the fire system of the aircraft (as you can see, it very difficult to fire to a ships, you should do a bit of practise XD). These are the main things that I try to adjust (especially the fire system; I'm spending a lots of time on it without any success), but I think that with your help (if you want) I will find a quickly and working solution . So,having said that, what do you think about that? Please be honest and feel free to give any suggestions or criticisms I will appreciate a lot. Also feel free to modify , add , cancel what you want to make it better I would say thank you for all guys, for all the help and time you have spent answering my questions. This forum it simply amazing
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