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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Everyone! We're DoonDookStudio HTML5 Game Developer. We publish useful articles and fantastic games in our website regularly. FOR DEVELOPERS: Our Latest Post -> We have a valuable experience in working with Famobi and like to share it with you: FOR PUBLISHERS: Our Store -> Also our website has a collection of 50 HTML5 games:
  2. having a problem with the collisionbox for the moving platform it moves but does not change the size to be the size of the image, its the size of the area then the platform has to move through(left to right) here is the image with the hitbox bounds on now here is the code don't know why its not doing what it should do /*---------------- floating Plataform ----------------- */ game.movingPlatforms = me.Entity.extend({ init: function(x, y, settings) { // define this here instead of tiled settings.image = "platform_2"; //values from tiled on the size of the area to move within var area_width = settings.width; var area_height = settings.height;; //sprite area settings.width = settings.framewidth = 64; settings.height = settings.frameheight = 32; this._super(me.Entity, 'init', [x, y , settings]); this.body.collisionType = me.collision.types.WORLD_SHAPE; this.body.setCollisionMask(me.collision.types.WORLD_SHAPE | me.collision.types.PLAYER_OBJECT); // set start/end position based on the initial area size initial_start_pos_x = this.pos.x; this.startX = initial_start_pos_x; this.endX = this.startX + area_width - settings.framewidth;; this.pos.x = this.startX + area_width; // manually update the entity bounds as we manually change the position this.updateBounds(); // to remember which side we were walking this.walkLeft = false; this.alwaysUpdate = true; // velocity this.body.setVelocity(2, 5); }, update : function (dt) { this.body.gravity = 0; if (this.walkLeft && this.pos.x <= this.startX) { this.walkLeft = false; } else if (!this.walkLeft && this.pos.x >= this.endX) { this.walkLeft = true; } // make it walk //this.renderable.flipX(this.walkLeft); this.body.vel.x += (this.walkLeft) ? -this.body.accel.x * me.timer.tick : this.body.accel.x * me.timer.tick; // update the body movement this.body.update(dt); // handle collisions against other shapes me.collision.check(this); // return true if we moved or if the renderable was updated return (this._super(me.Entity, 'update', [dt]) || this.body.vel.x !== 0 || this.body.vel.y !== 0); } }); have not a clue as to why the collision box is not the right size
  3. WinBizSolutions among the popular graphics designing companies offers premium quality creative designing solutions for the gaming industry. Our designers are our greatest strength and their professional exposures bring unique insights to our business helping us to serve our customers better. Our services include: Character illustration 2D character animation 3D character modeling and rendering 3D character animation Flash to HTML 5 conversion for gaming apps and more Contact us for high quality services at affordable pricing.
  4. The project I am working in is a multiplayer node.js game using to communicate where the renderer will be node.js. In order to correctly import my dependencies to the browser i am using browserify. I am trying to use the Entity-Component architecture to design my game and in doin g so wanted to have a "render component" on each game object. The problem is that I cannot use PIXI code on the server side of node.js This is something what i wanted my architecture to look like. A GameObject with multiple components (ex: PhysicsComponent, RenderComponent) in order to follow the Entity-Component architecture and design this game well. In my eyes the code should be able to run on the server and the client so that way the server can be authoritative in the state of the game. The problem is that PIXI code cannot be run on the server side of node.js because a window object is not defined. So here is the question : How am I intended to write gameObject rendering Code using Pixi.js? Is it supposed to be purely client side, and if so how am I supposed to handle GameObject specific rendering and such? I have been searching for several days and can find no answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, I am designing a game and I am currently thinking of how to convey emotions, meaning, goals, intent and purpose. I find text to be the easy and lazy choice when it comes to make the user understand something. Is it possible to tell a compelling story, convey the emotions of the protagonist as well as of the other NPCs without the use of any in-game text? If so, what are some good examples and some bad ones in your opinion?
  6. Hi all, I'm the founder of startup team DevaxGames and I'm looking designers (amateur/professional) for creating graphics for our games. We have already created one game (Adventure Runners) and now we are going to develop a few more. If you are interested in joining our team, please let us know. Join Devax:
  7. Hello! On free time, I'm trying to make a Soccer (Football) game with RTS mechanics. The idea came through while I was playing Clash Royale, and I love some RTS elements like top-down / isometric view and watch the character IA change the environment interacting with each other. The project is shared here: I know I have to adjust the velocities and make better IA, but I'm a little stuck here, so I would like to listen to some opinion: what would you do to make of this a (good) game? Thank you!
  8. Right now we are looking for artists in Spain, UK, Germany and France, as well as the East Coast USA. Are you passionate about drawing? Would you like to create your own mobile games? About Us TutoTOONS is an international start­up, providing a free drag and drop mobile game builder. We help artists create, publish and sell their games on the iOS App Store, Google Play and Amazon. The company was founded at the beginning of 2014 and has head offices in Spain and Lithuania. We’ve reached over 100 million game downloads and have 1.5 million daily active players. We train artists who have an interest or a passion for mobile games to produce their own games which will have access to millions of potential users. Your Tasks Collaborating with Tutotoons includes: ● Producing storyboards and concept art for characters and environments. ● Making game ads, icons and other images for game advertising. ● Working with the TutoTOONS game builder to create mobile games. ● Developing game concepts and defining game monetization. ● Creating character and environment animations in the TutoTOONS game builder or Adobe Flash. ● Testing the usability of your game. Required Skills ● Excellent illustration and concept art skills ● Artistic understanding and imagination. ● Motivation to learn about mobile game production. ● Able to communicate in English (written and spoken). ● Flash animation would be a great advantage. ● Great skills in the use of Adobe CS package to produce digital artwork. We offer you: ● Training on how to produce awesome mobile games for kids using our game builder. ● Working remotely with our game designers. ● Create your own games that can be played by millions of kids worldwide. ● Being part of a fast growing community of creative people. ● Implementing your own ideas and creativity. ● Getting feedback on your game concept & graphics from experienced game designers. ● Opportunity to create and publish your own games into Google Play, Apple store and Amazon app store. If you are interested, please send your portfolio to with the reference GA­USA. TutoTOONS Team
  9. I am working on a 2d top down car based shooter for mobile devices and looking for a talented artist to handle all visual assets of the project including: 1) App icon 2) Cover art/Loading screen 3) Complete UI (markets, leaderboards, customizing upgrades, and many more) 4) Props and icons 5) Top down background maps/roads (Jungle, desert, ice, mountain top, highway, lava,etc) 6) Rendering up to 80 vehicle blueprints 7) sketching armors and weapons My target audience are male gamers between the ages of 15-25. I am looking for a render style that would satisfy both extremes of the age group. For those interested please send me your portfolios on and we can discuss all the details there.
  10. CALLFOR PAPERS‬ To be published by Taylor & Francis. International Conference on: “Parallelism in Architecture and Computing Techniques, (PACT), 2016.…/parallelism-architecture-computing-…/
  11. Hello!My name is Marta I am a 2d artist for gamesI create and prepare competitive artwork for different genre of games, work in different styles. I also create characters, backgrounds, illustrations, symbols, icons and the overall graphics for the game. You can see my works: skype: martysjaaa
  12. Hey! My name is Eugen, I am an 2D / Pixel Artist from Germany and I am available for hire! I am specialized in Illustrations, Character Design, Backgrounds, UI, Icons and simple Animations. I work mainly with Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and produce Vector and Pixel Art. You have any questions? Feel free to contact me: Here are some samples of my work: You can also find me on Twitter: Thanks for your time!
  13. Hello! In my job i am programming database tools, but i never had to do with game development. I know about some basic game concepts like Game-Loops with global variables, but never had asked myself how-to realize the graphics in a 2D-Game with some small game physic features. So i made a small game concept (see attachment). 1) I want to have a beer throughing person, that throughs a beer with speed dependend on how long a button was clicked. 2) When the button is released the arm of the person moves and throughs the beer to the right side. 3.) During the beer flies, the camera follows the beer (see Scrolling are in the game concept). 4.) In the last step, the beer falls down to a trampoline, and kips directly into the mouth of a beer drinker on the right side if the speed was correct So my first question is about how to realize the graphics: 1.) How should i realize the character and background graphics? 2.) I want that the beer runs out of the glas during it kips in the last area. Is there a special trick to make such water-like animation? 3.) Should i use different layers for the characters? I hope i can get some hints from experienced developers and sorry for my newbee questions. With best regards, Bjoern
  14. I can port your games or develop original ones. Am flexible to use different tools and frameworks. Based in San Francisco. Complete resume:
  15. Hey Guys, any teams/devs looking for extra technical & creative design assistance? Offering Free Creative Writing (Narrative, Sub-Plots) as well as Design & Project Management. (Scope Docs, Spreadsheets, Templates, Asset Databases) On the Creative side I'm great with Narrative, Plot Arcs, Character Development, Setting & expanding Lore Database On the Design side I'm great with Templates & Flow Charts, & with Databasing. Also Polishing & Refining Mechanics, & Gameplay Systems. Can assist with Scope Docs, Design Bibles, & Minimal Technical Design. Can check my old designs here - Also can contact me at & contact me on Skype - weazelus
  16. Hello, my name is Matt and I am available for any 2D game art or animation that you need. I currently create all of my game art out of my home office here in sunny Fountain Hills, Arizona. I have been an avid gamer all of my life going back to playing Atari in the early 80's. It was always my life long dream to be a Video Game Artist which I have achieved. Here are some of my successes. • Created all of the graphics for Zander's World, a mobile game developed by Hot Salsa Interactive. • Created all of the graphics and animations for a few other Hot Salsa titles, Fluffy Fluffs, Tile Tap Boom and Find What's Different, which are still in development. Please see some examples in my portfolio. • Created all of the graphics and animations for That's Cupido, a mobile game in development by Mousee Games. • Worked for several years as a Senior Game Artist at Broken Bulb Game Studios. Created Characters, animations, levels and many other graphics for their hit Facebook Game Miscrits. • Piloted the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. Oh wait that was someone else. Please take a moment to view my portfolio Feel free to contact me at so we can discuss your project.
  17. I'm a 2d Game Artist available for pretty much any 2d art job that you have available. You can find some examples of my work I'm interested in paid work for lump sum payments on a milestones or per-asset basis. If you would like to discuss a project with me please feel free to email me at Thanks for taking a look!