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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, this is driving me insane. I created a working Angular 2 project using TypeScript and SystemJS. SystemJS couldn't load Phaser properly, so I kept getting errors along the lines of "PIXI is undefined", or "Phaser.Game is not a constructor". I solved those errors by including a reference to Phaser.js inside my index.html file, but now WebStorm can't properly autocomplete Phaser methods because it's no longer recognized as a module, just as a global variable declared inside index.html. Is there a way to properly include the Phaser module using SystemJS, or at least m
  2. Hello everyone! I have kind of a complicated question. I'm currently doing my thesis at uni, the topic being web based games (specifically 3d ones). I'm going to create a small multiplayer Bomberman clone and reflect the process on the thesis itself; what problems I had, how does the development compare to for example Unity etc. I have used Unity kind of a lot and know the basics of threejs. However, after many hours I decided to make the game with Babylon, since it seems to be more suitable for the task at hand. I have a strong web-development background, so the thesis pretty much gives me so
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