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Found 6 results

  1. https://github.com/lemontmoon/Babylon.js Helloooo,,,, this is my first contribution on GitHub https://github.com/lemontmoon/Babylon.js still dont fully understand how github works,, ROFL if U want to play animation with transitions,,,,, simply ----- > scene.beginAnimation(target,from,to,loop,speedRatio,null,null,transitionSpeed) transitionSpeed = 1 means no transition it works like it worked before transition less than 1 will play current animation u want to play together with previous,,, with linearFADE-in try so
  2. Hi everybody, Pretty new to Phaser.js but kind of old to AS3 I just started to port a as3 game into html5 with phaser, but my client wanted transitions between states - just like my game had in flash. Therefore I created a plugin just for this. You can find it here: https://github.com/cristianbote/phaser-state-transition Let me know, what you guys think, or what can be improved. Cheers!
  3. Hi ! is there is possible to make smooth skeletal animation transition between two animations,,, from "IDDLE" to "RUN" ,,,,, from "RUN" to iddle also I would need to get current animation frame, or set animation frame.
  4. Hi there, I've been working with a friend on a refactored state transition plugin. It's registered on bower and npm so you can add it as a dependency (much better than copy-pasting the file ). The original repo wasn't being maintained and we needed to add a new feature, so we thought the most healthy way would be to create a new project and share our work with the community. I hope you find it useful. Contributions are most welcome. Thanks Rich for this great framework! A.
  5. is there a way to use an animation during a scene transition. I want to use the slide effect when I'll change my scene Menù with the Game one. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, Fairly new to Phaser and have hit an initial 'bump' as it were. I'm attempting to simulate a feeling of z-depth on a tree in an isometric sort of style game, where in that if you walk around the back of the tree, the character appears behind it, but when you come round to the front, the character will then appear to be over the top of it (such as the players head and shoulders). So far I've looked in to setting the z-indexing on a group, and also so far have fathomed that the players y value in comparison to the trees y value will determine what the players z-depth is. I've y
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