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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I've been working diligently on my card game and have encountered two issues. This first issue stems around selecting a card in the player's hand. When I start the game, the code works as intended (I can select any card in my hand by clicking it. This then moves the card up 20 pixels to signify that it has been selected, then I can click one of the play areas which moves the card to the appropriate area). After the move is completed, the computer places a card in the area, and then it is the player's turn again. Once it's my turn, my code doesn't work anymore. I can only move my last card in my hand. Secondly, whenever the computer tries to play a card in the second area an error is thrown. I'm not sure why it does this because it plays in the other three areas fine (exact same code). I've been wracking my brain for 48 hours and could use some help. Here is a link to my repo: I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. Hi all We are a small team and we would like to develop a turn based game similar to hearstone (simple graphics, mainly static) to be played inside a facebook frame (mobile version is not a priority at the moment but it's a nice to have feauture) We would like to make money with in-app purchase For the end user graphics we would like to develop with the intel xdk (we still have to decide the right framework phaser, cocos etc), but the real question is for the server side: a dedicated server on aws with custom development or something like any other ideas ? MT
  3. Feldspar is an abstract turn-based board game with an AI opponent. It's like Chess in that you take turns moving pieces with different abilities, and it's like Go in that you place blocks on the board to trap your opponent. If your opponent can't move but you can, you win! Feldspar is written with libGDX and the Google Web Toolkit, so it's cross-compiled from Java into JavaScript/WebGL. You can play it at It'll also be out for iOS and Android shortly. You need kind of a fast desktop since the opponent AI takes quite a bit of CPU cycles. There is also a blog which describes some of the process of making the game with libGDX: Enjoy!