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Found 8 results

  1. Hello guys, I was really used to using GdxTexturePacker, when I started programming with Phaser, I really missed it, so I made some jar cross-platform executable (Already tested on Linux and Windows) for converting .atlas file to .json format, like the used for Phaser (Already tested), if someone wants it, I made the repository public and open source https://github.com/MrcSnm/GdxPackerToJSON
  2. Hello everybody, I'm busy making HTML5 ports of some of my old games using libgdx... So let me present to you : 10 Bullets. You can play the game here : 10 Bullets You only got 10 bullets to destroy tons of ships Wish you fun ! Michel
  3. Hello Guys, I wrote an article about my experience building the HTML5 version of my game Boomerang Chang with libgdx : https://www.crazygames.com/blog/2018/03/07/A-libgdx-journey-with-HTML5/ The article summarizes all the steps I went through to make the HTML5 version from an existing Java code base (Android/IOS), from compiling with GWT to publishing on a web portal. It was my first attempt on making an HTML5 game (you can try it here : http://www.crazygames.com/game/boomerang-chang). Hopefully it can help some of you if you want to give libgdx a try Cheers, Michel
  4. Hello Guys, Just wanted to show you my first HTML5 game : Boomerang Chang (http://www.crazygames.com/game/boomerang-chang). There was already a Flash, an Android and an IOS version. But HTML5 is just fresh ! I also wrote an article about the process building the game with libgdx : https://www.crazygames.com/blog/2018/03/07/A-libgdx-journey-with-HTML5/ Cheers ! Michel
  5. Hello, which framework is better ? For learn and start ? For me java is better to understand as javascript, because java is object oriented but JS not much. On the other hand phaser is easy to learn than libgdx. Which framework are you recommend ?
  6. Hi guys, I am developing games in libgdx for HTML5 deployment. Even if my games are not demanding in terms of performance(g.e.tipical SNAKE game) I find very huge differences between clients connecting from different computers. It seems the games are too senstive to hardware when deployed on browser. My question: I fear I am doing something wrong, or something js does not like. So I ask for general guidelines to avoid FPS drops on HTML. joaneto wrote(regarding performance on html5): I'm trying to always use small resources (textures, audio, etc); Use TextureAtlas for icons ans small images; Does anybody have some guideline or hints? Thanks beforehand!
  7. Hello everyone , I am happy to share my webpage with you. I hope this is not breaking the rules because it's not exactly a game. It's kind of interactive cv or portfolio that I belive will help me find a job as a game developer. I hope you like it Page: smithchris.com Cheers Chris
  8. Feldspar is an abstract turn-based board game with an AI opponent. It's like Chess in that you take turns moving pieces with different abilities, and it's like Go in that you place blocks on the board to trap your opponent. If your opponent can't move but you can, you win! Feldspar is written with libGDX and the Google Web Toolkit, so it's cross-compiled from Java into JavaScript/WebGL. You can play it at http://feldspargame.com. It'll also be out for iOS and Android shortly. You need kind of a fast desktop since the opponent AI takes quite a bit of CPU cycles. There is also a blog which describes some of the process of making the game with libGDX: http://blog.puzzlingplans.com Enjoy!
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