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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I have been struggling with some strange universal camera behaviors. A simple scene with an arcRotateCamera in the air (left) and a universalCamera (right) on the ground, like this: The arcRotateCamera rotates very smoothly. No problem with that. The universalCamera, on the other hand, behaves a bit wierd. The walking (using arrow keys to move about) is pretty smooth, but the panning (click and drag mouse to look around) gets 'sticky' around the center of the screen, especially when looking at more objects, like the screen capture above. By 'sticky' I mean the camera is reluctent to rotate, as if there is a big fps drop. However, engine.getFps() shows no obvious fps drop. I am wondering: 1. If anyone has met similar situations and how to solve it? 2. Does the camera have some sort of inertia property that might result in this? Hope someone can point me to the right direction. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello guys, I use the UniversalCamera in my project. On my mobile device it works really well and does what I want it to do, except for the left and right rotation. When I wipe up and down, the camera moves much faster than left and right. I have already tried the camera. angularSensibility, but it has no visible effect. for example, if I use the Gyro camera and press on the screen, I can control the camera very well and would like to have such a behaviour with the UniversalCamera. Did I miss something or is there a value I need to adjust? I would like to double the speed of mobile devices (the device differentiation is already taken over by my framework). Then it has a smooth user behavior. I look forward to your answers. :-)
  3. Hello,I wish to use a touchpad to visualize(display) my 3D model. I read in the documentation that it was necessary to use the universalCamera camera and utliser the bookshop pep.js instead of hands.js, I also put touch-action= " none " in the tag html canvas. Problems: I have no rotation around the axis of the mesh with universalCamera and I have no zoom with the mouse Thanks for your help test_arcRotatelCamera.html.back test_universalCamera.html.back
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