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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, Still working on my Bomberman-clone, today I was writing the Grid component and was looking for a way to check if everything was working properly. Nothing better than tests to check if everything is correct, so I wrote a quick but useful plugin to do... tests PandaTests is a plugin for Panda.js that permits to do assertions the right way. To learn more about this plugin, read the following samples. You can download it via GitHub since I finally created a repository for my plugins: PandaTests on GitHub Installation In order to install PandaTests, simply copy this file into your <project_root>/src/plugins folder. That's all ! You'll then have to require it whenever you want to use it in your code. (see the samples) Samples Basic usage File main.js: game.module('game.main') .require('plugins.tests') .body(function () { game.createScene('Main', { init: function () { // We first instanciate a Test object. var test = new game.Test(); // Then we proceed our tests. test.assert(true == true, 'true equals true'); // Test pass test.assert(true == false, 'true equals false'); // Test fails test.assert(0 == false, '0 equals false'); // Test pass test.assert('false' == false, '"false" equals false'); // Test fails // Now we can ask for tests results. test.showResults(); /** * -- Tests results -- * - Passed tests: 2 (50%) * - Failed tests: 2 (50%) * - Total tests: 4 * -- Tests results -- **/ // We can also reset tests results. test.resetCounters(); } }); });
  2. I've been trying to implement a menu with a dynamic blurred background behind it for a few days now and I just can't get it to work the way I want it. what I did was to set my menu's update function to copy a rectangle in the size and position of my menu from the game canvas to an off-screen canvas and then blur the off-screen canvas and set a sprite with a the returned texture then draw the menu itself on top of that blurred sprite. The problem is that it copies and blurs the menu itself as well. The only good solution I could think of was to create that menu in html and style it with css and feed it with data and images from the game using toDataURL(). But I really want to make it 100% canvas. the second solution I thought about was to run the game twice and not add the menu container in the second game but it sounds extremely wrong and will hit the game performance. Is there a way to render the off-screen canvas while excluding specific objects? or getting the canvas image before the menu is drawn to it? I couldn't figure it out and I tried many things. I don't want to edit the game engine itself but I might have to. Thank you.
  3. Hi this is a thread for @enpu I was asking myself about why has game.Text been replaced with game.BitmapText ? The oldest game.Text from the v1 was super cool since it wasn't forcing peoples to have many .fnt files in their media folder, also permitted to change font style directly in code. Now we're obliged to have 1 .fnt for each font size, font color, font style (bold, italic, underlined, etc). I think this introduce regressions and it would be super cool if the old one (from PIXI) could been reimplemented. Thanks in advance for reading.
  4. Hey all ! I'm currently working on a Bomberman-like game with Panda.JS but I felt "sad" that their is no proper way to easily do logging task from within the `game` scope. So I decided to make my own, and now I'm sharing it with you! The code is completly commented so feel free to contribute or point me what I should add. - PandaLogger on GitHub (includes both Source Code for the plugin and the Documentation)
  5. Hey Everyone, I am developing a game that needs to run in IE9 (unfortunately) and the Phaser framework is throwing errors as soon as the JS file is loaded. Here is a link to illustrate the issue : All I am loading on the page is an un-minified version of the v2.1.0 framework along with the IE9 dataview-polyfill.js This is the offending code chunk ( from line 64,217 of phaser.js ) var process=require("__browserify_process"),global=typeof self !== "undefined" ? self : typeof window !== "undefined" ? window : {},Buffer=require("__browserify_Buffer"),__filename="/..\\node_modules\\poly-decomp\\src\\index.js",__dirname="/..\\node_modules\\poly-decomp\\src";module.exports = { Polygon : require("./Polygon"), Point : require("./Point"),};It looks like there are extra commas being added on the second last line. After some deeper investigation it looks like this is happening throughout the code base which is causing the browser (IE9) to throw the error. Does anyone know a way around this? I started going through and removing the offending commas but there is 80,000 lines of code : / thanks, Josh NOTE : I am using this version of IE9 in a VM on my mac