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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, friends. There was such a task. Start up one! a wave over a sphere, which, as it were, looks like a map of the planet, which (map) in turn is generated from planeBufferGeometry and then these geometries are combined using THREE.BufferGeometryUtils.mergeBufferGeometries(geometries, false); Code of vertex shader: vertexShader:` varying vec2 vUv; uniform float time; void main(){ vUv=uv; vec3 newposition = position + position*sin(position.z*12.)*0.03; gl_Position = projectionMatrix * modelViewMatrix * vec4( newposition, 1. );
  2. Hi, Is there any example how to initialize BabylonJS WebGL 2.0 Context ? Do BabylonJS alrealdy support WebGL 2.0 Version? Can we try to initialize and use WebGL 2.0 with babylonJS? How do we init scene with BabylonJS as WebGL 2.0 ? Are BabylonJS's canvas,engine and scene initialization same as WebGL 1.0 ? Is thre any Playground how to use canvas, how to initialize engine and scene so BabylonJS use only WebGL 2.0 ? Greetings Ian
  3. I just got Chrome 56 (56.0.2924.87) on one of my devices (Sony XPERIA Tablet) this morning. I still only show WebGL 1.0 from chrome://gpu Is this something that has to be turned on for Android? I know Pixel is running WebGL 2.0, at least on Google employees phones.
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