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Found 3 results

  1. Fedor


    Does anyone know where to find the fileformats PixiJS supports? Or is the support simply the same as the browser support for file formats? To be more specific: does PixiJS support the WebP fileformat? It would be great if it did, since WebP offers better and higher compression than PNG and JPG.
  2. Hi all, I got WebPs with Alpha working; however, the WebP is animated (or should be). It isn't playing in Phaser. I'm assuming this isn't supported and I'm SOL; however, I just wanted to check. Does anyone know how to get animated WebPs to play in Phaser?? Please don't suggest using spritesheets -- I'm writing a demo that leverages an API that delivers animated webps, so for this purpose, I need to play animated webps. Thanks!
  3. fzuleta

    Webp loading

    Hi, loading webp using Phaser 2.3.0 doesnt work for me (except in Chrome), so I'm trying to figure out a workaround. by using Im basically doing this: var ba = game.cache.getBinary('webp_test'); var WebPImage = window.WEBP_decode(ba); trace(WebPImage); var bd2 =, WebPImage.height); =; trace(bd2); game.add.sprite(0,0, bd2);on the two traces above Im getting Decoded %s. Dimensions: 2048 x 1024(no alpha). Now saving...webp.js (line 1)ImageData { width=2048, height=1024, data=Uint8ClampedArray}webp.js (line 1)Object { game={...}, key="bc989398-4d18-4bff-ad72-91e6b10ff33a", width=2048, more...}webp.js (line 1)which I thought looked ok. however, no image is shown when I add the sprite this is how the WEBP_decode looks like : which works, but only on RGB888 webp (no alpha) window.WEBP_decode = function(data) { ///libwebpjs 0.1.3 decoder code start --------------------------------------------- var WebPImage = { width:{value:0},height:{value:0} }; var decoder = new WebPDecoder();// data=convertBinaryToArray(data);//unkonvertierung in char trace(data.length); //Config, you can set all arguments or what you need, nothing no objeect var config = decoder.WebPDecoderConfig; var output_buffer = config.output; var bitstream = config.input; if (!decoder.WebPInitDecoderConfig(config)) { alert("Library version mismatch!\n"); return -1; } config.options.no_fancy_upsampling = 0; config.options.bypass_filtering = 0; config.options.use_threads = 1; config.options.use_cropping= 0;// config.options.crop_left = parseInt(cropDecoding_x.value);// config.options.crop_top = parseInt(cropDecoding_y.value);// config.options.crop_width = parseInt(cropDecoding_w.value);// config.options.crop_height = parseInt(cropDecoding_h.value); //config.options.use_scaling = 1;//not implement //config.options.scaled_width = 400; //config.options.scaled_height = 400; //todo: add stop_watch var StatusCode = decoder.VP8StatusCode; var status = decoder.WebPGetFeatures(data, data.length, bitstream); if (status != StatusCode.VP8_STATUS_OK) { trace('error decoding: ' + status); } var mode = decoder.WEBP_CSP_MODE; //output_buffer.colorspace = bitstream.has_alpha.value ? MODE_BGRA : MODE_BGR; //output_buffer.colorspace = bitstream.has_alpha.value ? MODE_RGBA : MODE_RGB; output_buffer.colorspace = mode.MODE_RGBA; status = decoder.WebPDecode(data, data.length, config); var ok = (status == StatusCode.VP8_STATUS_OK); if (!ok) { trace("Decoding of %s failed.\n"); //fprintf(stderr, "Status: %d (%s)\n", status, kStatusMessages[status]); return -1; } trace("Decoded %s. Dimensions: "+output_buffer.width+" x "+output_buffer.height+""+(bitstream.has_alpha.value ? " (with alpha)" : "(no alpha)")+". Now saving...\n"); var bitmap = output_buffer.u.RGBA.rgba; ///libwebpjs 0.1.3 decoder code end --------------------------------------------- if (bitmap) { //Draw Image var biHeight=output_buffer.height; var biWidth=output_buffer.width; var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); canvas.height=biHeight; canvas.width=biWidth; var context = canvas.getContext('2d'); var output = context.createImageData(canvas.width, canvas.height); var outputData =; for (var h=0;h<biHeight;h++) { for (var w=0;w<biWidth;w++) { outputData[2+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h] = bitmap[2+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h]; outputData[1+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h] = bitmap[1+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h]; outputData[0+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h] = bitmap[0+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h]; outputData[3+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h] = bitmap[3+w*4+(biWidth*4)*h]; }; } return output; context.putImageData(output, 0, 0); //document.body.appendChild(canvas); // to test it out, which works OK } } any ideas why the bitmapData doesnt work?