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Force render at @4x?


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Hi guys


I'm trying to show my game through an iFrame (on my website) and everything works fine, apart from one thing.


Since, the website is mainly for use on a pc, I would like to load the game at max @4x.


The problem is that my iFrame is only 640x480, and the game renders at lower resolution.


Is there a way I can get @4x through a smaller iFrame?


Thank you heaps in advance!

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Hi @enpu


Thank you for looking into this :)


I've noticed that if you load the game in a small window, the engine uses the windows size to work out whether it should use @2x, @4x etc assets.


I was wondering whether it would be possible to have the engine use the maximum display size (as in the resolution of the machine you're on), this way it would always load hi-res assets on desktops and appropriate assets on mobiles?


Is this something that would work?


Thank you again!

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