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Upgrading to Phaser v2.1.3 (from v2.0.7) force undefined errors


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I just upgraded my game to Phaser 2.1.3. (from v2.0.7) but it force some weird errors...

- Especially PIXI is undefined. (I fixed that I load pixi.js to header)

- biggest problem is that Pathfinder Plugin stopped working...  (https://github.com/appsbu-de/phaser_plugin_pathfinding), maybe it is working but is not loaded


it's loaded like this:

pathfinder = game.plugins.add(Phaser.Plugin.PathFinderPlugin);


Please check my screenshot, I need some advice how to fix this to work on latest version of Phaser



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Either the phaser.min.js file isn't being linked correctly, or it has become corrupted. Because you absolutely shouldn't need to include pixi.js first, in fact doing so is less than ideal, and all the errors with things like Phaser.Group being undefined point to a problem with your set-up / project I'm afraid.

I'm not sure if the path plugin still works in 2.1.3 (it's a 3rd party one and I don't think has been updated yet?), if you need it to finish your current game then I'd suggest staying with 2.0.7 until it's done.

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