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Getting paid with an US account


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Btw, never do the "receive money through the account of a relative in another country". In those jurisdictions that I know a bit better this is money laundering and tax fraud 101 and will raise red flags with the authorities, when taxes are filed. 

Just don't do that.

You have to receive the funds under your own name in your own account or via your own company and its acounts. Everything else is just asking for trouble, especially trouble for the sponsors who accept and pay such invoices (sometimes unknowingly of the consequences).

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If paypal does not like you (for whatever reason) you can also try Skrill. That's like paypal, just with a little less stringent terms & conditions (and a little less reputable too). 

I get most of my sponsor payments via paypal, so if you can use that, go for it. Like Funkyy said, most sponsors work with paypal.

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