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Monetizing HTML5 games

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This is a topic we have talked around a bit in the chat and I want to hit it head on with this post.


One of the main things that have to be considered is what kind of game your building. Determining that first is extremely important because not all monetization methods can work for every game.


Ads using google

Google ads, adsense is a juggernaut! The amount of people that spend money on adwords is gigantic and you can get your piece by joining adsense. Publishers receive 68% approx of the revenues from clicks. This is a pretty nice amount considering the number of potential advertisers. It's pretty easy to join adsense but I would recommend that you finish your app before you start your application process. If not you run the chance of not getting accepted and having to go through an appeal. Creating banners and placing them in your app is very simple. I recommend placing a "broad" banner, this one will be visible always and present advertisers with a more "branded" option. This banner will have a much lower eCpm but it will have a larger number of potential impressions. Another banner needs to be the "action" banner, this banner needs to be placed close enough to where users will do an action and be large enough to pick up reflex clickers. Another good zone is the after action or in dead times. these types of banners are great to place in positions where users are "waiting" or "thinking" for something else to happen. Optimizing the positions of your ads is extremely important and can make the different between breaking even and making money. To join adsense go here -



Introducing the option of users to buy things in the game requires that the core loop of the game include something that the user can either wait for or needs to help him go through. Microtransactions can actually end up making much more money depending on the effect of the items on the game. Because this involved so many more decisions, it's better we describe this generally and move on.


Facebook credits.

Once upon a time, facebook was the best gaming platform out there. While it's impact has been greatly reduced it's still a very good platform and for those that do have the option it should be looked at a great place to be. The social and ease of use aspect are very important and can save you a lot of time. Facebook has changed its rules a lot in terms of how you can communicate with your players and there are many restrictions that make placing games on fb a challenge. Facebook is removing like gating, you have to have an SSL cert to operate, the ability to reach users with posts through your fb page has been greatly diminished, you don't actually get a fb players email address making communication a bit harder outside of facebook, games on fb can't use external advertising, churn rate for players is very high (60% plus), audience is heavily female and so on.


Selling exclusive and non-exclusive licenses

There are tons of portals and other websites that can license your content to display on their website. These types of deals aren't hard to find but making money on them requires a game that is fun compelling and works very well.


Creating apps and selling directly

There are tons of different types of app stores, selling on these though is a battle. The competition for a limited number of app top free listings is hardcore and should not be taken lightly. To have a game stand up to this you need something again that is strong and that works perfectly. Quality art and some viral campaign will help but in the end hard work and dedication can pay off. Another interesting thing is that the number of app style marketplaces is increasing, Apple's App stor and Google Play aren't the only players in town.


In summary you can combine a lot of the different options to create a strategy that actually works but really the most important thing is to create a game that is fun and find an audience that will love it.


Please let me know what you think are the best methods for monetizing a game and how you would do it. Any example will be helpful to all.

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@True Valhalla

I think it would be fair to say, that every time somebody clicks on your link and signs up with Leadbolt, that you get a commision (via Regarding to it is paid EVERY(!) time the new Leadbolt user generates revenue, so you get a fixed commision from the new users revenue a whole life time long.


Don't get me wrong: This is a legitim tool to bring new users to a new platform, but they should know they share your revenue with you as soon as they sign up. Just my 2 cents ;)

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