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CocoonJS Android won't load sound in Canvas+ mode


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Hi guys


CocoonJs is giving me some headaches :(


Just wondering if anyone's had any experience with this. I have both M4A and OGG sound files and everything works on iOS and Android Webview+, but as soon as I try to run the game in Canvas+ on Android, it gives me an audio load error.


Thank you heaps for any help!

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Hi @Ludei


Thank you for the reply! On iOS everything works fine.


On Android it only works in webview / webview+


I have both m4a and ogg sound files and the error I get states ...


Audio load error ...

Could not find a suitable audio decor for file ... (ogg file)


Would you like me to put together a sample Panda JS project to look at?

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Hi @enpu


You're perfectly right. I created a new project and the sounds work correctly.


I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with the other project.


I guess, the only thing I can do is slowly paste code into the new project until I encounter an error, as I really have no idea what's wrong :(


Thank you for you help!

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Hi @enpu


Here is the config ...

pandaConfig = {    sitelock: 'ninjadoodle.com',    name: 'ClickPlaytime5',    version: '1.0.0',    disableCache: true,    loader: {        barWidth: 100,        barHeight: 10    },    audio: {        stopOnSceneChange: false    },    system: {        //webGL: true,    	idtkScale: 'scaleAspectFit', // COCOON JS	    hires: 4,        retina: true,        scaleToFit: true, // DESKTOP BROWSERS	    resizeToFill: true, // MOBILE BROWSERS	    width: 480,	    height: 320.    },    storage: {        id: 'com.ninjadoodle.clickplaytime0005'    }};

and here is a part of the assets.js ...

game.module(    'game.assets').require(    'engine.audio').body(function() {// AUDIOgame.addAudio('audio/woosh.*', 'woosh');game.addAudio('audio/harpOk.*', 'harpOk');game.addAudio('audio/harpGo.*', 'harpGo');game.addAudio('audio/harpPass.*', 'harpPass');game.addAudio('audio/harpFail.*', 'harpFail');game.addAudio('audio/harpIntro.*', 'harpIntro');game.addAudio('audio/click.*', 'click');game.addAudio('audio/beep.*', 'beep');game.addAudio('audio/sineThrowA.*', 'sineThrowA');game.addAudio('audio/sineThrowB.*', 'sineThrowB');game.addAudio('audio/drop.*', 'drop');game.addAudio('audio/impactMetal.*', 'impactMetal');game.addAudio('audio/sigh.*', 'sigh');game.addAudio('audio/yay.*', 'yay');game.addAudio('audio/doorOpenRoll.*', 'doorOpenRoll');game.addAudio('audio/padlock.*', 'padlock');game.addAudio('audio/ufo.*', 'ufo');game.addAudio('audio/moo.*', 'moo');game.addAudio('audio/crash.*', 'crash');game.addAudio('audio/crash2.*', 'crash2');game.addAudio('audio/slipperyFish.*', 'slipperyFish');game.addAudio('audio/theme.*', 'theme');game.addAudio('audio/themeIntro.*', 'themeIntro');game.addAudio('audio/themeStinger.*', 'themeStinger');
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