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Phonegap Questions?


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Hi guys


Has anyone tried exporting with Phonegap?


I've noticed that if you enable ...


system: {

    webGL: true,

... then it runs very smooth!
Does anyone have experience with Phonegap and Panda. I've heard it was slow, so the speed increase probably has something to do with the latest iOS update 8/8.1.
Any feedback on this would be awesome :)
PS. On Android, Phonegap is bugs galore! Sound turns on/off - touch actions act funny etc. Look like Cocoon JS is the safe option.
Thank you in advance!
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I also use Phonegap for my iOS app. Performance, at the moment, are good and there are a lot of plugins that could be useful.

For example I use:

- Game Center

- iAd

- Splash Screen

- Social Sharing


There's a development branch of CORDOVA that uses the WKWebView, but at the moment iOS 8 is a little buggy and WKWebView can't load local files.


We hope that on iOS 8.2 they will fix this issue.


The only performance issue that I've with my phonegap build is when iAd spawn the adv. I can drop 10fps (from 58-60 to 48-50).


I also lose some FPS due to code obfuscation, but I think it's normal.


I also tried CocoonJS but with a lot of problems.





I don't use the WebGL property because it causes some problem with the multitasking feature. (during the resume, the app reload itself - so the multitasking doesn't work as expected)

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Oh, there's also an other thing that I forgot to say.


My first game had terrible performance on Phonegap, I re-wrote my code, and than, performance increased, obtaining 58-60fps.



My error was to use a lot of "for" cycles, so the code optimization did the trick.

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