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Unloading assets to clear memory?


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Hi guys


I'm cleaning up my game for devices ( using Cocoon JS ) and loading my levels dynamically ( level by level ), not to overload the device.


This works nicely until about 2/3 of the game, when I get a 'Memory Warning' on both Android and iOS.


I'm assuming that the graphics loaded each level are stacking up, and the phone is only releasing what it needs when the memory gets full.


Is there a way I can 'Unload' the assets, in the same way I load them, when they are no longer needed?


I'm worried this might cause crashes on weaker devices.


Thank you in advance for any help!

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Ok just pushed some changes, the syntax is now this:

game.removeAsset('logo.png'); // Remove sprite from memorygame.removeAsset('sprites.json'); // Remove sprite sheet from memorygame.removeAssets(); // Remove all assets from memorygame.system.setScene('Game', true); // Change scene and remove all assets from memory
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Hi @enpu


I've just been testing this and there is one problem ...


If you removeAsset, the engine doesn't seem to let you add the same asset at a later stage.


For example if I load a levels assets, then unload them after leaving, then try to load the assets again upon entering, I get an error :(

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